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Universe of Success recognizes that people hold back from performing at their best or unleashing their potential because they are afraid or have a fear that stops them. What is stopping you? Is it the fear of rejection, or are you just afraid of leaving your comfort zone to explore better opportunities? Either way, we’re here to help you achieve your best.

Our website features articles from motivational speakers, life coaches, and psychologists talking about overcoming rational and irrational fears, what to do when the anxiety of performing hits you, and how to improve yourself in work, relationship, and family.

We’re helping our readers become a better version of themselves. And we enjoy doing it!

Maybelle Wright

(36) is a life coach helping others excel and achieve more. Growing up with average grades and failing to stand out of the crowd, Maybelle felt unfulfilled as she entered adulthood. She felt guilty for failing to do her best and, after doing some soul searching, realized her calling in life was to help others.

Since then, she’s come to the realization that everyone is should strive for success and be the best version of themselves. While her clients have the final say in their lives, she gives them the extra push they need to leave their comfort zone and explore everything life has to offer.

Maybelle Wright

Mari Lopez

(32) graduated cum laude with a degree in psychology and earned her master’s degree three years later. She was eyeing a lucrative career in Human Resources, but along the way saw her agoraphobic father waste his life away indoors until his death two years ago.

Now honoring her father’s memory, Mari left her corporate job to become a counselor in her local community center. She helps people overcome their irrational and rational fears by lending her ears to people who need someone to talk to.


Mari Lopez ​

Queenie Lei Jones

(30) is a guidance counselor in her town’s public school complex. She has been helping young elementary children and high school teens overcome personal and academic issues that are affecting their grades and pointing them in the right direction to achieve their goals or finding the best career path.

Having a 2-year old son of her own, Queenie Lei wants to create a more positive environment for children. She’s constantly updating her knowledge by attending seminars on counseling for children, child psychology, and other classes that will help her understand the mental and spiritual needs of today’s young minds.

Queenie Lei Jones ​
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