3 Habits You Didn’t Know Are Making Your Skin Dry

It’s the bane of every skincare junkie’s existence: dry skin. Yet, it happens even to people who religiously follow the 10-step or 30-step magic routine. Why is that so? Believe it or not, it’s the habits you do every day that you didn’t think could affect your glow. In truth, they do. Here are some of those routines:

Taking hot showers

Hot water feels so soothing, especially after a tiring day. However, it’s never gentle on your skin. It breaks down lipid barriers and strips off the body’s natural, protective oils, leaving your skin tight and itchy after a bath. It’s best then to go for lukewarm water—not too cold that it leaves you tensed up, and not too hot that it hurts your skin. In addition to water temperature, though, pay attention to its quality, too. You may be bathing in hard water, which contains minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, which dry the skin out. These can also block pores, which can lead to itching and irritation. Install a water softener that experts in Park City offer. Soft water can make a big difference in your skin’s suppleness and glow. Slather some moisturizer after stepping out of your shower, and you’d never have to put your 10-step skincare routine to waste.

Using fragrant detergents

How in the world can your good-smelling detergents and softeners cause dry skin? The chemicals used in making those products fragrant can trigger ugly skin reactions. The truth is that even long after you’ve taken off your clothes, you may still experience its effect. The same also applies when you use too much detergent. Some minute particles may latch on the clothes’ fibers, rub against your skin, and thus cause irritation and dry skin. Be smart when going about your laundry. Use unscented or hypoallergenic detergents—in moderation. Similar to taking a bath, soft water also helps. It’s more effective in washing and removing dirt and irritants, so you won’t feel the need to use too many chemicals just to make sure that it’s clean.

Munching on certain food

woman eating junk foodsJust as there are types of food that cause your skin to break out, there are also those that make you dry out, like salty ones. Too much salt in the body would mean that more fluid will be drained out of the cells to balance out the chemicals. This then results in dry skin. If you are binge-eating on chips and French fries, make sure to hydrate yourself every now and then to counteract the large amounts of salt in the body. Too much sugar isn’t good as well. It affects the skin’s collagen, thereby causing dryness. Thus, as much as you can, try to limit the intake of food high in sugar. Beware of certain drinks, too, like alcoholic ones, which act as a diuretic, draining out fluids from the body. As you get dehydrated, the skin becomes drier.

Are you suffering from dry skin despite faithfully following all the steps in your skincare routine? Perhaps it’s because of these non-skin-related habits. Kick them out of your system to rediscover your glow.

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