A Clear Aligner, Could This Be for You?

When looking at possible options to straighten a patient’s teeth and improve their smile, it is no surprise to learn that the image of how the treatment will look affects the final decision. In the past, treatments have been focused entirely on how effective the method is, with little consideration of the cosmetic appearance, but that has now changed.

So why could Invisalign Clapham be the treatment you are looking for?

Cosmetically appealing

Although we would all love to look glamorous in chunky, metal braces, this is not always the case and should you feel self-conscious about the treatment to straighten your smile you are less likely to stick with it and get the results you want. This is where the transparent aligners come into play. Not only are they highly effective in altering most tooth misalignment cases, they are also extremely inconspicuous, allowing daily life to continue without every person you meet mentioning the brace.

A treatment primarily in your hands

It is no surprise, with lives being as busy as they are, that the thought of endless dental appointments can be a little off-putting. The results are wanted but the constant interruptions to daily life are not. With the clear aligner method, once the consultation process has taken place and the aligners are given to you, there are only check-up appointments to follow. Aside from guidance from your dental team, the treatment is primarily in your hands. Being in control of the process allows life to continue with very few hiccups.

putting on invisible aligners

A comfortable process

When changing different parts of our appearance, no matter how big or small, the idea can bring up  concerns of pain and discomfort needed to get us the results we want. Luckily this is far from the truth. At no point should pain be experienced throughout the realignment process and with a soft plastic material used for the transparent aligners this has been minimised. The material, combined with the fact that each aligner is custom-made to fit your teeth, has made the entire process comfortable. Whilst very minimal discomfort may be apparent due to the slight pushing of any teeth into a new aligned position, it should always be minor and therefore should it feel worse get in contact with your dental team promptly.

Preserving the changes

Once treatment has been completed, it would be all too easy to forget about any further care and to just keep the perfected smile without work. Although in an ideal world this would be the way, in truth, once teeth are realigned, they can in time begin to shift back into their original positions. This is why once the goal has been reached it is important to remember to put in the aftercare and with the invisible aligners this means having one more aligner created. Once again to the outside world this will be invisible, but similarly to the treatment aligners, this retainer will need to be worn each day and merely preserves the new positions rather than alters the alignment.

Contact your dental team today to get the smile you want through a treatment that you want.

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