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The loss of a tooth or teeth can have a major impact on the individual’s life as it can affect all aspects of how they use their mouth. Such tooth loss can be a painful and difficult experience to live through; often it leaves an area of sensitivity within the mouth that can interrupt daily routines, like brushing or eating, and many can find this uncomfortable to deal with. Furthermore, tooth loss may even result in the inability to pronounce certain words.

Many patients, who suffer from tooth loss, wish they could find a simple solution (other than the use of bridges or dentures) that would help them replace the lost tooth or teeth.

The good news is that there are now new options available in the UK dentistry market to help people cope with tooth loss by offering them a permanent way to recover the lost tooth or teeth.

Dental implants St Albans can now offer patients in the area, who have suffered from tooth loss, a permanent way to replace their teeth that will feel natural when used in day to day life.

Problems associated with tooth loss in the past


For many, the loss of a tooth or teeth just seems to bring a whole set of complications and problems into their lives that they may have not had to give thought to before the loss. This can lead to them feeling a loss of confidence and avoiding social situations and certain foods to avoid any embarrassing mishaps.

For instance, in cases where a person has experienced extreme tooth loss that has led to them needing to use dentures, they may avoid food types that are difficult for them to consume. This could be because the food is either hard to bite into and chew or too fine and may become trapped in between the dentures and the gums (an example of this would be rice).

Oral implants can give patients a renewed freedom when it comes to food because they are fixed into position and are as tough as a person’s natural teeth. Giving someone back the ability to enjoy the foods they want may be a liberating experience for them, giving them the confidence they may need to go and enjoy a family meal or a romantic night at a restaurant with their partner.

The return of the smile

If someone loses a tooth or teeth, they may try to avoid smiling since they would not want to expose their teeth for fear that others will only see the gaps in their tooth line. Most people understand that their ability to smile has a positive impact on themselves, not just outwardly, as they appear confident and empathetic to others, but also inwardly, as smiling helps to promote good mental well-being within themselves.

For someone who has lost their smile, due to the loss of teeth, the dental industry now has the ability to recover it for them by using oral implants to replace lost teeth.


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