Why do dental practices need dental SEO?

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is essential for a successful dental website. Without it your website cannot be found or will get lost amongst the crowd. Your dental website is the key to the success of your dental practice, therefore, making sure that it is maintained on a regular basis, updated with new information and optimised according to trends in digital marketing is key in this highly competitive market.

Changes in dental marketingdigital results

In previous decades dentists relied strictly on word-of-mouth and referrals for new patients, however this is no longer the case. If someone is unhappy with their current dentist, they are new to your area or find themself in a dental emergency, it is more than likely that they will turn to Google. If your website is not one of the top websites on the list then you will lose that prospective patient to one of the other dental practices in your area. If you want to attract new patients the best way to do this is to create a strong online presence. This means that you need a website that is modern, updated, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and mobile responsive. There are hundreds of factors that Google takes into consideration to determine whether your website should be ranked on the first page of dental searches in your area or to put you lower down the list, because it believes that you may not be able to offer searchers what they are looking for. For this you need dental SEO.

Leave it to the expertshhtdentist with a happy woman patient

As a dentist you want to spend your time looking after your patients’ dental needs rather than learning about dental SEO, therefore you need to speak to a specialist digital marketing team with experience in creating dental websites and dental SEO campaigns. The dental market is highly competitive and all the other dental practices are trying to rank highly for the same keywords as you. These keywords could be ‘best dental practice’ in the area or the name of popular treatments and procedures such as Invisalign or dental implants. In order to stand out from amongst your competition you need a digital marketing team that can help you address the factors that Google are looking for across your website, so that you can rank highly for keywords that potential patients are searching for within your geographical vicinity.

A digital marketing team will be able to optimise your website with engaging content that will educate and inform patients of the treatments and procedures that you have to offer and why they should choose to have these treatments with you rather than the other dental practices in the area. You will gain a position as an expert in your industry and an increase in incoming leads that you can convert into actual patients at your practice. There are many other types of SEO too and together these help create a top website that is educational, encouraging and informative, attracting new patients on a continuous basis. Speak to your digital marketing team today and let them put together an SEO campaign that will help boost the success of your dental practice very soon.

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