Don’t Believe These Three Misconceptions About Wrinkles

Wrinkles are just one of those things people often talk about but often get wrong. It’s not surprising. In this beauty-obsessed era where everybody’s a beauty “enthusiast” or “influencer” because of some pretty Instagram profile, you’re bound to run into misconceptions about skin sins.

But if you want your skincare routine to pay off, then you have to get to the bottom of all these crazes. Here’s the truth behind the common myths about wrinkles.

If you have oily skin, you won’t have wrinkles.

It makes sense, at a glance. If your skin is oilier, then it must be more hydrated. If it’s more hydrated, then you won’t get those dull lines. But the truth is there’s no connection between oiliness and wrinkle-free skin. Regardless of your skin type, the fine lines would show as you age and become exposed to sun damage.

There is, however, the fact that people who are oilier tend to have much thicker skin, which acts as padding, preventing the skin from yielding to wrinkles beginning to form. But because the skin is thicker and heavier, the lines will be much deeper when they eventually show. If indeed you’re noticing wrinkles already, try cosmetic treatments like Botox specials in Utah to manage them.

If you stay indoors, you’ll avoid wrinkles.

Exposure to UV radiation is among the top causes of wrinkles. So, a lot of people think that if they just stay indoors most of the time, they’d get fewer lines. However, sunlight can still penetrate through windows. UV rays can get through glass and this is the type that causes premature skin aging.

So, even if you’re not at the beach getting baked under the heat of the sun, if your car or office windows aren’t tinted, then you’re still vulnerable to getting the fine lines. Protect your skin by slathering sunblock that has SPF 30 or higher. Do this even if you’ll only be indoors and even on rainy days. You may also use makeup products that already has SPF, so it’s less hassle for you. Reapply sun protection every three hours.

If you get celeb-approved products, wrinkles won’t be a problem anymore.

dermatologist and patient at the clinicA lot of people spend big bucks on products their favorite beauty influencers use. But just because you saw the difference in their videos and photos doesn’t mean you’ll see the same results in your face. The thing about skin products is their effectiveness depends on the right skin type.

If you really want to see results, don’t rely on celebs or influencers. Rather, go to your doctor and ask them to walk you through your skin type needs. From there, you’d know which to get and avoid in beauty stores. You’ll be able to create a routine that matches your skin perfectly well.

When it comes to preventing those fine lines, there are no blurred lines—only the facts. Know the truth behind popular skincare do’s and don’ts and don’t fall for the myths. Otherwise, your efforts won’t pay off.

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