Invisalign enhancing your natural features!

Amongst your most prominent facial features are your teeth and dentists have dedicated their professional lives to helping you maintain and retain them for the duration of your life. The primary function of your teeth is to help you break down your food into sizes that your digestive system can handle. Immediately you can see that your teeth have a very important health function, that of aiding you to digest your food. At the same time, aesthetically, your teeth are a prominent feature of your face as well. Today’s patients are aware of the importance of their teeth and the demand to have straight teeth has increased. If you have misaligned teeth, you may not be able to chew your food properly because your teeth do not meet correctly. Misaligned teeth not only make chewing difficult but can result in gum disease and tooth decay. The ancient Egyptians left traces of their attempts to straighten teeth, as evidenced by examining mummies. Teeth straightening has evolved over the centuries and one of the latest dental straightening appliances that is used is Invisalign St John’s Wood.

Focused on the best treatment for you

When you have devoted your life to a profession like dentistry you must be passionate. A dental team is dedicated to helping you achieve your dental ambitions. The Egyptians used metal and catgut in their attempts to straighten teeth. Thankfully the treatment has become more sophisticated and comfortable. There are a number of correction appliances for teeth which now allow dentists to provide better targeted treatment. Braces were the treatment used for many decades until the discovery of aligners which work differently. Braces work by attaching blocks to the front of your teeth and then running wires through the blocks and attaching bands to add the pressure to move your teeth. Aligners, however, fit over your teeth like a gum shield and these devices are also sometimes referred to as trays. They are manufactured from a clear patented material which makes them hard to discern. A series of computer designed aligners is created around your specific condition and each aligner is moulded to follow in a sequence designed to straighten your teeth.

Your smile revealed

smiling woman

Dentists use the latest equipment to deliver the best service to you at all times. One of the amazing pieces of dental equipment that is used to help you visualise your smile with straight teeth is 3D computer imaging. Using compatible software dentists are able to show you an image of your smile after treatment, before you even make your decision to proceed.

Comfortable and practical

This aligner treatment is designed for the twenty-first century, because it allows you to remove it so that you can enjoy your meals and to brush and floss your teeth. You will be required to keep the aligner on for at least twenty-two hours per day. Each aligner will need to be worn for two to three weeks.

An asset to be proud of!


The duration of your treatment depends on the condition being treated and can range from six months to two years, but because the aligners are clear, the treatment is discreet. Once your teeth are in the position they are meant to be in, you will need to wear a final aligner. This aligner is required to hold your teeth in their new position, but you can remove it to reveal a broad, confident smile to be proud to show off.

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