How To Help Elderly Family Members Live Better & Stay Active

  • Encourage physical activity and a well-balanced diet for overall health.
  • Provide emotional support and help your elderly family stay connected to their community by volunteering or joining a club.
  • Ensure their safety by making their living space elderly accessible and hiring home service providers.
  • Consider installing security cameras and alarms to monitor their safety. 

Growing old has its challenges, especially when it comes to lifestyle changes. From having less mobility to dealing with chronic conditions, there are many obstacles that older adults face. But there’s no better way to show your love and care for your elderly family members than by helping them lead a healthy and active life. Here’s how to help them enjoy their golden years.

Focusing on Both Physical & Mental Health

It is important to focus on both physical and mental health when helping elderly family members live better. Physical activity helps them stay healthy, while mental activities like puzzles and quizzes help keep their minds sharp. Here are some ways to promote these:

Encouraging Physical Activity:

Regular physical activity is essential for older adults as it helps improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of falls, and improve overall well-being. One way you can encourage your loved one to be active is by engaging in exercise or fitness programs designed specifically for seniors.

Some great options include walking or water aerobics classes. You can also invest in home gym equipment that is easy to use, such as resistance bands or light weights.

Improving Their Diet:

Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining good health, especially for seniors. It’s essential to ensure that your loved one’s diet is well-balanced, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Eliminate unnecessary calories by opting for healthy snacks instead of processed foods. Encourage clean eating, and make it a point to eat together whenever possible.

Providing Emotional Support:

As people age, emotions can become more difficult to navigate, leading to feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation. It’s essential to provide emotional support to your elderly family member by staying connected, open communication, and being attentive to their needs. Be sure to spend time doing things that they enjoy and reach out to them on a regular basis to maintain emotional well-being.

happy family with elderly parents and children and grandchildren eating in table

Socializing and Staying Connected:

Isolation and loneliness are real concerns for seniors, especially for those who live alone. Help your loved one stay connected with their community by introducing them to social clubs or organizing family get-togethers.

You can also encourage them to participate in cultural or recreational activities, such as book clubs, bingo, or volunteering. For instance, if your elderly family member has a passion for baking, you can join them in the kitchen and make it into a fun activity.

If possible, you can also help them set up online accounts, like Skype or Facetime, as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. Finally, don’t forget to encourage your loved one to join local senior centers or activity groups–a great way to meet new people and make new connections.

elderly friends talking in a white minimalist living room

Ensuring Their Safety:

Elderly family members are more vulnerable to falls, injuries, and accidents. Ensure their safety by keeping their environment safe and tidy. You can also try the following:

Make The Home Elderly Accessible

Making the home elderly accessible is critical in helping your family member enjoy their golden years safely and comfortably. You can begin by removing any obstacles that could cause falls, such as loose rugs or cluttered walkways.

Installing handrails on stairways and in the bathroom is also recommended. In case of emergencies, ensure that they have quick and easy access to a phone, preferably one with large buttons and clear instructions. Additionally, you can adjust their bed or install proper equipment, such as adjustable chairs and non-slip bath mats, to make their living space more comfortable and secure.

Hire Home Service Providers

Another way to ensure your loved one’s safety is by hiring reliable home service providers. These professionals can provide assistance with meals, transportation, medical care, and even housekeeping services. This will allow your family member more freedom and independence while providing you the peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

Install Security Cameras & Alarms

Consider installing security cameras and alarms to monitor your loved one’s safety. This will alert you in case of an emergency and give you the assurance that they are safe. There are even special apps that allow you to monitor their activities remotely.

Helping your elderly family members maintain an active and healthy lifestyle requires a conscious effort. Encouraging physical activity, improving their diet, socializing, ensuring their safety, and providing emotional support will help them enjoy their golden years to the fullest. As a family, remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure that older family members receive the best care possible. Make your elderly loved ones feel that you genuinely care for and value them by helping them live better and stay active.

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