4 Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home

We see a lot of people putting plants in their homes. There’s no doubt that greenery can really light up a room. Having plants in your home is really aesthetically pleasing and gives it a touch of nature. But people are decorating their homes with plants not only because of its aesthetic appeal. The real reason is health-related. Here are some benefits of having plants in your home.

Improved quality of air

If you think that the air inside your home is clean and healthy, think again. The air you’re breathing inside the comfort of your home can be considered as dirtier and more harmful than the polluted air in the middle of a busy city. That’s because pollutants easily make their way inside the home, but find it difficult to get out. It then accumulates and spreads bacteria around the house by sticking to furniture and walls.

When we breathe, we inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. But plants do the opposite. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide instead. By doing this, the plants help eliminate harmful toxins, freshen up the air, and improve its quality. In fact, research has found that house plants can eliminate 87% of air toxins in only a matter of 24 hours!

Improved mental health

Aside from their obvious health benefits, plants can also be associated with our mental well-being. We’ve heard of the idea of organic products. More people are using nature as an ingredient in foods, skincare, etc. But even without crushing them and mixing them with other substances, plants can naturally improve our health both physically and mentally.

They can improve our moods and help in relieving stress. They promote calmness and relaxation, just like how you feel when you’re in the beach or around nature. This is possible because of nature’s natural soothing effects. Also, because you’re breathing better quality of air, your brain is less fatigued and can function in optimal condition.

Improved productivity

house plants

Do you ever feel extremely lazy when you’re at home? It could be because the room is lacking a touch of nature. Stress and burnout can happen to anyone, but plants can help you cope and relieve those negative emotions.

Because of its mental health benefits, having plants at home can help improve your mood and relieve stress. When your mind is more relaxed, you can work better and think clearly, thereby allowing you to accomplish more tasks. Plus, having a plant by your desk will give your eyes a refreshing view after being strained too much from looking at a computer screen.

Improved emotional well-being

This point might sound a little odd. But if you think about it, plants are considered as living things. They are capable of growth and life. That’s why they need water, sunlight, and care in order to survive — just like human beings.

Having a plant in your home will give you a sense of responsibility. It’s similar to having a pet, except a little more low maintenance. If you make it a habit to take care of plants, you’ll feel a sense of appreciation of nature. You’ll feel compassion and empathy towards all living things, thus also improving your relationships with other people.

Having plants in your home can have a lot of benefits, so you might want to decorate your home with more greenery. Or if you already have a garden, consider patio glass enclosures in order to get a good view of nature.

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