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No filters necessary

Nowadays, more of our daily lives are documented than ever before. Through the rise of smartphones and social media, it is now more important than ever for people to look their absolute best. There has been a recent tendency for people to tailor the way they look – especially the whiteness of their teeth – through photo filters and editing apps. Whilst this may provide a quick fix, there is a far more healthy and worthwhile solution. By seeking out a cosmetic dentist in Soho, patients can address all number of superficial concerns that they might have with their teeth and smile a truly, honest bright and healthy smile without care or embarrassment.

What cosmetic option is best for me?

If you feel like your smile would benefit from seeking out cosmetic dentistry, but are unsure of what treatment is best suited to your needs then the initial stage in receiving treatment would be to visit a trusted cosmetic dentistry specialist. The meeting would be a friendly conversation during which they would ask you as to what it is about your smile that you feel you’d like to change and to what extent. This would also allow the patient to have any queries about certain procedures answered, as well as allow the cosmetic dental specialists to take any measurements or impressions of the interior of the patient’s teeth, if it is necessary for the type of procedure they are considering.

Woman smiling next to her teeth mold

Full-mouth treatment

In instances where patients feel that they would like to address a number of concerns that they have with their teeth all at once, their best option may be dental veneers. Veneers are a widely sought after form of cosmetic dentistry which is popular amongst TV personalities, movie stars and celebrities, as it provides them with a completely reshaped and new smile. Fundamentally, veneers are thin porcelain shells which are custom built to fit around a patient’s teeth, and individually bonded to them to give their teeth a cohesive appeal. Veneers are a popular solution for patients who have one or more concerns about their teeth, such as gaps between their teeth, teeth which are stained or chipped, or slightly misaligned. Veneers offer an all encompassing solution to all these problems, by effectively creating an entirely new front to the tooth which – when permanently bonded to the patient’s existing tooth after filing down their enamel slightly – makes their smile far more together, and brighter.

Cosmetic whitening

For patients who wish to have brighter looking teeth, without undergoing a permanently altering procedure, there is the option to have their teeth professionally whitened within the dental chair. Treatments like Zoom whitening can brighten the shade of a patient’s teeth by a factor of eight, and can do so in as little as an hour. This is achieved through applying a UV light to a custom made retainer which has a thin layer of a dental peroxide-based whitening agent inside it. This provides patients with a brightened, whiter smile which can massively boost their self-confidence and esteem, without damaging the structural integrity of their natural teeth.

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