Achievement Unlocked: 10 Skills Discovered During the Coronavirus Lockdown

What have you been doing in the past few weeks? If you’re like most of us that are stuck at home, then you’ve probably spent your days glued to your screens going through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram news feed.

In some cases, you probably have seen posts from people about picking up a new skill since the lockdown period started. From making pizza from scratch in Denver, CO to modifying lifted trucks in Phoenix, AZ, folks have used this time of quarantine to pick up a new skill or two.

10 Skills Folks Have Picked-Up Since the Lockdown Started

1. Cooking and baking

Cooking and baking are the first things most people directed their attention to. It’s obvious with the number of food pics flooding our newsfeeds. You have newbies learning simple dishes and you have those who have more advanced culinary skills that show off their delicious gastronomic masterpieces.

2. Fixing a car

Another practical skill a lot of guys are unlocking is car maintenance and repairs. From doing something simple such as changing the oil to replacing a broken axel, a lot of folks are wondering why it took them so long to learn how to troubleshoot car problems.

3. Painting

A lot of people agree that the main reason they have never tried painting is not that they don’t have time for it but because they don’t feel confident about their skills. Nowadays, people have all the time in the world to improve those painting skills, and each day that they practice, the better they get.

4. Dance

Dancing is one of the ways a lot of younger people pass the time during this season. Some of the more serious and determined ones take online classes and private tutorials to enhance their terpsichorean skills.

5. Digital art

The number of digital art output online has increased significantly over the past few weeks. Digital art is one of the easiest things to learn while stuck at home. All you need is your tablet or smartphone and a lot of creativity.

6. Calligraphy

Learning calligraphy takes a lot of patience and grit. You can ask the thousands of people who are getting into it. The easy access to calligraphy supplies on the market makes it easier for people to get into.

7. Customizing toys

From action figures to dolls to playsets, toy aficionados have taken their passion and hobby to a whole new level by customizing toys. Some have even taken to learning how to make their own dioramas and playsets.

8. Playing an instrument

At one point in your life, you probably thought it would have been cool to learn to play an instrument or two. Folks who had those similar thoughts decided to take action and make those dreams reality. Now you see people posting videos of them playing guitars, ukuleles, violins, flutes, even a triangle.

9. Photography

One would consider photography to be an expensive hobby. That was before smartphones had high-resolution cameras that enabled people to take sharp and vibrant pics using only their phones. Now, there are a lot of Instagram feeds that have professional-quality photos taken only by handheld devices.

10. Gardening

Female gardening

It is springtime after all. Since people are stuck at home, a lot of them decided now’s the best time to get into gardening.

Take this time of isolation and quarantine to upgrade yourself and add to your skillset. Who knows, they might come handy real soon and give you an alternate means of income. Keep unlocking achievements as you stay safe and healthy at home.

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