Enjoy the Calm of the Rain by Doing These Activities

A gloomy afternoon could get your day a little slower. But it may be nature telling you to slow down. Perhaps, everything moves so quickly, you can give yourself a breather. The rain can accompany you with your mindfulness journey.

Give in to nature and let the rain calm your senses. The rain may have stopped you from going out but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. Let the serene silence of the pouring droplets relax you. Check out these activities that you can do while it’s raining:

Walking in the Rain

If you’re not bothered getting a little damp, then walking in the rain is for you. It’s one of those few activities you can enjoy outdoors while the rain is falling down. This would be perfect for people who like to imagine they are in an indie music video or an intricate art film. The somber ambiance can unleash your imaginative state.

Give yourself something to accomplish while you are outside. You can do a leisurely stroll in the park or at the beach. Call your friends and do a nature walk. Go for a rainy hike if you want to be a little extra. Have fun under the dark clouds. Beat the slow pacing of the day by getting active.

Listening to Raindrops

Researchers from Brighton and Sussex Medical School cited that nature sounds help us relax. The sound of rain, for example, is a very popular relaxation medium. You can even find a bunch of mindfulness playlists on Spotify and Youtube that feature rain sounds. How can you not fall in love with the sounds coming from the ticking droplets on your roof? The music of the gushing stream from your seamless rain gutters is equally astonishing. Treat your ears and calm your mind. Let this auditory enchantment charm your sense of hearing.

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Rain Watching

If rain sounds are already enough to calm you, what more if there are visuals? Sit in front of the window and grab your matcha tea. Condense your thoughts as you look up to the empty vastness of the sky. See the raindrops as they fall down. Collect your senses as the droplets of rain hit the ground. It’s an experience you should really try every chance you get.

You don’t even have to do this alone. Get your friends to meditate with you this way. Watch this spectacle of a show brought to you by precipitation. Your favorite song can also serve as your musical score. Put on your headphones and listen to Lorde’s brand new record or Frank Ocean’s last album. Turn off your TV for a while and let nature amaze you instead.

Playing in the Rain

Here’s another activity to get you energized under the gloomy sky. Unleash your inner child by playing in the rain. Your lush lawn is the best spot to execute this activity. Take out your water guns and mess around with your friends. Belt out “Rain on Me” as you compete with the roaring sounds of thunder. Use your water-resistant phones to take pictures and videos of your silly recreation. Enjoy spontaneous games and alleviate stress for a little while. Get out of the house and celebrate the rain showers. Turn this sunless day into an hour of high-spirited moments.


Are you having problems with sleeping? The sound of the steady rain may help you with that. It is one of those nature sounds considered as “pink noise.” According to a 2012 study in The Journal of Theoretical Biology, pink noise might have a significant effect on improving sleep stability. Take advantage of the day’s stillness and let the rain aid your difficulty in sleeping. Allow the cold mattress of your bed to call you.

We all know that a satisfying sleep is the greatest reward after a very long day. How relaxing could it get if it’s paired with the most tranquil hours of the rainy night? That’s heaven on earth. Prepare your blankets and pillows for your most relaxing sleep. Set the mood in your room. Dim the lights to complement the overcast weather. The howling winds will serve as the soundtrack of your lucid dreams. Get carried away and fall into a deep slumber.

Now you have more reasons to not ask for the rain to go away. This type of weather has always been associated with murk and sorrow. But it’s just a matter of perspective. Rest your mind when it’s gloomy. Enjoy the reposeful atmosphere rainy days can give.

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