Can You Create a Cutting Garden Hybrid in Your Backyard?

Creating a flowerbed is a great way to enjoy your yard. But did you know that you can also grow flowers together with your vegetables?

With a cut flower bed, you can enjoy the flowers by cutting them as often as they bloom so you can decorate your home. Depending on the flowers that you want to have, you can create a little space in your existing vegetable garden to grow the flowers that you need.

Where to start

If you want to start your cutting garden, it’s best to determine the types of flowers you want to have in your yard. Some plants can get too tall, which can shade the other vegetable plants and affect its growth. So, ensure that you choose flowers that’ll grow well with the vegetables in your garden patch.

One way to do it is by choosing the plants that you’ll be putting in your garden while they’re still in their seed form in Grande Prairie, CA. Commercial mowers also suggest purchasing a transplant to start your garden. If you’re planning to get e seedling, ensure that you plant them in a straight line.

Doing so will make it easier for you to distinguish the seedlings away from the weeds. You should also allocate enough space in your garden bed. Most cut flower varieties tend to become large, especially once they start to branch.

Giving them enough space to spread their branches will ensure that the smaller plants will still have access to the sun.

Preparing the planting area

If you’re making a new bed from your backyard, you first need to remove all the turf grass as well as the roots. Then, coat the area with a layer of four to six inches of compost or other organic material to enrich the soil. Put the fertilizer on top of the earth to create at least 10 inches of the layer of soil.

For those that have a sandy, rocky, or swampy ground, then it’s best to raise the garden beds. Doing so will ensure that your plants will thrive in the right kind of soil.

You can create your own using a couple of wood planks and fill them with amended soil. Using the best type of loam is an excellent way to plant vegetables. But how do you find the right one?

The best soil for your vegetable cutting garden

Backyard garden

Since you are creating a hybrid garden, it’s best to have the right kind of soil that’ll fit both plants. Vegetable soil must be rich in organic matter. It should also contain a lot of nutrients for the vegetable to grow.

Using a garden soil testing kit is the best way to test the soil if it has the right nutrients that your plant needs. You can purchase it almost anywhere, especially in landscaping stores.

If you already have an existing garden plot, preparing your cutting garden is easy. All you need to do is to find out the right type of ornamental plant that’ll complement the vegetables in your garden.

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