Car Personalities: The First Impression You Make Through Your Vehicle

There are billions of automobiles around the world, and more are being developed and manufactured as of this moment. Cars have become integral in the lives of regular people, especially in developed nations. It is how they go to work or school, visit their family, meet their friends, go shopping or traveling, and do random tasks.

But a car is not just a vehicle for a lot of people. The choices they make beginning at the dealership reveal a lot about them, including their personality, behavior, motivations, and so on.

That is why many vehicle owners spend more money onĀ car wrapping, improving tech, adding devices, and removing flaws. All these modifications are not only meant to improve their driving experience but also express individuality amid all the vehicles on the highway.

All Cars Have Personalities

However, cars do not have modifications to express personalities. It turns out that all vehicles have their own traits that are unique to them. A study by researchers from Florida State University found that when people look at cars, they ascribe specific human characteristics to them.

The researchers explained that the personalities are typically based on the perceived facial expressions of cars. Of course, cars do not have a face, but humans still see the eyes, noses, and mouths of automobiles.

To explore the idea, researchers recruited 40 participants for the study. They asked the participants to view high-resolution 3D computer reconstructions and printed images of a total of 38 car models released between 2004 and 2006 by 26 manufacturers, including Ford and Mercedes. Over 30 percent of all the participants confirmed that they saw human or animal faces on 90 percent of the cars.

The participants were also tasked to rate each car model on 19 traits, including gender, maturity, dominance, and friendliness. The researchers found that the ratings are pretty consistent among most participants, implying that car designs communicate messages. Almost all participants agreed when a car is dominant or submissive.

The researchers also revealed that most participants, regardless of age and gender, liked cars that exuded maturity, arrogance, and anger more.

Choice of Automobile Maker Says a Lot About You

driving new luxury car

People also have stereotypes associated with certain car companies.

In previous research, those who drove Ford saw themselves as friendly but direct. Meanwhile, those who drove Mercedes-Benz gave an air of pedantry, especially about fitness and physical activity. This is because they tended to be physically active themselves.

On the other hand, people who own cars from BMW perceive themselves as highly intelligent and believe that foreign-made vehicles have better quality. Other drivers do not really like them because they see BMW owners as arrogant. Those who purchase cars made from Japan believe themselves to be analytical and sensible. Lexus, Toyota, and Honda have built a reputation for producing reliable vehicles, and that is what drivers want. Those who drive Lexus cars are also mostly older than 65 years old but desire to feel young and attractive. They also go to Starbucks a lot.

What Paint Colors Mean

The color of the car you choose can also communicate specific characteristics about you and have an influence on how other people perceive you.

Black is a color that suits many cars. It is pretty basic, but it is perfect for those who want to appear professional and sophisticated. It is what many people in business choose because it looks elegant. Because it is a dark tone, it absorbs more heat throughout the day, which means that you have to blast the air conditioner to cool the interiors. That would not be a problem for the rich and famous.

In contrast, white cars are seen as pure, and drivers see themselves as honest people. Because it is no longer as popular as it once was, drivers also choose white cars to stand out when on the road. Moreover, it has an advantage over other vehicles becauseĀ white cars reflect, not absorb heat. It guarantees that it will not leave the interiors scorching hot in the summer.

Green is an unusual color for cars, but those who drive it choose it because it expresses a love for the natural environment. Green is the color of trees and grass, so it is expected that those who like plants will be drawn to it.

Cars are an extension of you. It shows off your personality and influences the first impression that fellow drivers will have for you. Of course, everyone is different, but it is still fun to see how cars are used to get to know the people behind the wheels.

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