Choosing a Fence with Resale Value in Mind

For someone who has dealt with fences for quite a while, the reality is that property owners have different strategies when choosing a fence. Some prefer a fence that will still be relevant decades down the road while others look at other factors. It is not surprising to find a homeowner concentrating on the home itself and giving less regard to the fence. Thinking long term and holistically is considered by many as the best approach. The fence and everything else should be part of the plan.

The Fence and Resale Value

The question of whether a fence adds resale value to a property has always been difficult. Going to Google for an answer will only yield so many diverse opinions, so it is better to consider the aesthetics and other features of the fence. This leads us to the aspects of the fence that may affect resale value. Initial cost, type of fence and suitability of the fence for the home are all notable factors. The state of the fence is something that will interest most home buyers. A well-tendered fence is more likely to retain value than a neglected one.

The Best Fence

Ask Tampa fence experts– most of them will recommend the classic fence as the best option for resale value. This suggestion is made noting that not everyone will love the fence. No fence type or style fits all. However, some fence types have passed the test of time such that they remain relevant no matter the dynamism of the fencing industry. In general, here are some fence styles that may increase the resale value of your property.

Wooden Fence

Adding a nice wooden fence is the perfect way to increase the resale value of a property. While you have many options when it comes to this fence, the privacy fence seems most popular. Apart from minimizing visibility, this fence offers the perfect haven for kids and pets to play. Of most importance, it enhances curb appeal, as it is often visible from the front of the property.

Wrought Iron-Style Steel Fence

Metal fence with brick columnsThe timeless and almost universal appeal of this fence has made it an option for many homeowners in Tampa. Modern customization such as special coatings for protection and galvanized steel improvement make the fence attractive without the need for regular maintenance. For the traditional charm, you can opt for a steel fence with classic rail style. Manufacturers are coming up with more enticing styles every day, so you want to check around.

Principles to Guide in Fence Selection

Looking at neighborhood trends is important, as nobody wants to stand out from the crowd. For instance, you do not want to install a fence in an area where no one has one. Similarly, you do not your property to be fenceless and be the odd one out. For good resale value, make sure the styles for both home and fence match. A fancy wooden fence may not complement a modern home. Finally, it is advisable to see what the neighbors have.

The choice is yours! Different scenarios will demand a different fence style. The best thing is to focus on longevity, as the continued condition of the fence is what will add value. For us, steel fence with strong welds and protective coating will always be there on top of the list. Contact a fence professional to help you choose if you are stuck.

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