DIY Auto Repair: Essential Equipment You Need for Your Startup

If you’ve been working with your car for quite some time, you may have already developed the skills to repair it on your own. Having a deep understanding of an automotive’s inner workings is quite a remarkable skill that not a lot of people get to master

With that said, why don’t you consider sharing your knowledge or making a profit out of it? If you feel like you have what it takes to really understand common and complex car complications, maybe you also have what it takes to start an auto repair shop.

To get you started, perhaps knowing about the essential equipment you need in your workshop is a good place to begin.

Advanced Equipment for Auto Repair

The bare minimum requirement for starting an auto repair workshop is to earn a mechanical and diagnostic training certificate. Once you’ve completed this course, the next big step is to invest in equipment. Below are some of your best options:

Vehicle lift

The first major piece of equipment is quite an expensive and heavy-duty one. A vehicle lift is basically a massive apparatus meant to lift a car over your head to make inspections and repairs easier. For beginners, perhaps buying a two-post car lift would be the best option.

Air compressor

A lot of your auto repair equipment needs an air compressor to function. Ranging from basic hand tools and even vehicle lifts, getting a powerful air compressor will guarantee that you won’t run out of power in running these pieces of equipment. Not to mention that you get to avoid damage or accidents.

Jack and jack stands

While a vehicle lift is strong enough to carry an entire car, some repairs will not require you to do so as it would be impractical. For small repairs, using floor jacks and jack stands will allow you to temporarily lift a vehicle.

Oil drain and caddy

Car owners should regularly change or replace their engine oil to guarantee that they’re getting the most out of the gasoline they use. For this type of service, you’re going to need an oil drain and a caddy that will efficiently remove the remaining oil in the car’s engine.

Battery charger

One of the most important things that you should never forget in auto repair is that you should always test if the battery is working. Sometimes, car symptoms will misdirect you to various problems that you’ll end up getting nowhere, only to find that the main cause of the problem is the drained battery. It is always a good idea to invest in a good battery charger.

mechanic working on exhaust

Engine hoist

The engine is the car of any vehicle, and you want to make sure that it’s always in top condition. There are many common engine problems out there, and sometimes they may require you to take the entire engine out of the car’s hood. Having an engine hoist will make this possible, if not easier.

Brake lathe

Many auto repair shops out there prefer not having a brake lathe because it’s quite expensive. When customers go to their workshop, they take rotor or drum repairs to a different auto service. But this can significantly cut down on your profits. Consider brake lathes as a form of investment to widen your profit margin in the future.

Strut compressor

Your workshop services will also be better if you can make suspension repairs. Having a strut compressor in your arsenal widens your workshop’s capabilities. This can also be used for replacing struts in the suspension system.

Air-conditioning machine

One of the parts of a car that’s most susceptible to damage is the air-conditioning system. That’s why having an air-conditioning machine will make diagnosis and repairs relatively easier. Most of these machines can recharge, recycle, or recover any malfunctioning air-conditioning system.

Transmission jack

Working on a car’s transmission system is also a frequent task in auto repair workshops. Having a transmission jack will prove to be beneficial. These jacks are heavy-duty and are easy to operate. They can lift one side of the car just by pulling a lever up and down. This will make it easier for you to get under the car and inspect what’s wrong with the transmission.

Whether you just want to further your automotive expertise or want to make profits out of your skills, it’s always a great idea to have the necessary tools with you. If you have what it takes, why not turn your garage into a DIY auto repair system? Just make sure that you refer to this short article if you need help deciding what sorts of equipment you should invest in.

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