Garage Care and Cleaning Checklist

The garage is perhaps one of the sections of your home that is exposed to the most abuse and dirt. Garages aren’t just where we park our vehicles, but it also serves as a storage space, a toolshed, a workshop, or even a laundry area. This exposes it to dirt, oil, impact, heat, and other external factors and elements that can dirty and damage your garage. A poorly-kept garage wouldn’t only damage the car or items within it, but can also serve as a health and safety hazard for anyone in your home. As such, we’ll be taking a look at tips to keep your garage clean and well-maintained:

Starting With Your Garage Door

When maintaining your garage, it’s best to put your efforts towards your garage door. You should observe and check for any unusual noise or awkward movement when opening and closing your garage doors, as well as keeping an eye out for rusted parts and for drafts that may enter through the panels, base, or sides of the garage door. Always keep your garage door clean in order to prevent dirt from accumulating that may cause performance and mobility issues. Properly maintaining your garage door won’t only make it convenient to operate but also to ensure the security of your garage and everything inside it.

Clear the Clutter

Before you even decide to clean up and maintain your floor, it’s best to look around your garage and see if there are any clutter that you can get rid of. Perhaps there are boxes of old obsolete documents, broken electronic parts, broken furniture, old and moldy clothes, and the like. Clutter can accumulate dirt, and also make your garage feel stuffy and cramped. Not only that, unorganized clutter (including tools and other items) just lying around the floor can be a tripping hazard that could result in injury.

Floor Maintenance and Cleaning

cleaning the floor

If you perform repairs and maintenance to your vehicle inside your garage or use your garage as a workshop to repair certain items around your house, chances are, your garage floor would be a mess. Not only would it be covered by dust, but there’d be oil, rust, paint, and other stains. It’s important that you regularly clean your garage floor as spills won’t only end up having you staining your house’s interior floors, but it can be a slipping hazard. So make sure that you regularly clean your floor every month or two. You should also check on any cracks on your garage floor which can damage your vehicle or pose as a tripping hazard. Alternatively, you can have epoxy concrete coatings applied to your Salt Lake City home’s garage to make it more durable, easy to clean, cover cracks, and make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Structural Check

Lastly, you’ll want to check your garage’s walls, roof, and windows for telltale signs of structural issues such as cracks, leaks, and drafts. You’d also want to make sure to check for any damages to your garage’s exterior and roof after a strong storm and have any issues fixed right away before it worsens.


Our garage provides so much function beyond simply being a parking space, as such, it’s important that we put as much effort in time in maintaining and cleaning our garage as we do our home’s interior — perhaps even more so since the garage is oftentimes one of the busiest parts of our house. So the next time you’re spring cleaning your home, it would be a good idea to either include the garage in your spring cleaning checklist or schedule an entire day just for cleaning and maintain your garage.

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