Harness the Benefits of Plywood for Your Home’s Decor

If you’re running a tight budget when building your dream home, you can’t go wrong by tapping the many advantages of plywood. You will have all the benefits of natural wood without making do with the shortcomings.

If someone suggested that you settle for plywood interior décor when finishing your house, you might be shocked. You might look at them as if they’ve lost their marbles. However, before disregarding the suggestion, you might want to give it some thought. You might be surprised that plywood is one of the most versatile building materials out there.

It’s easy on the eyes

Of course, you can’t afford to build a house from scratch only to drop the ball when doing the finishing. You should know that as thin as the sheets might be, plywood is real wood. While the inner layers might be utility-grade material, the outer veneers are lustrous and rich as a plank of any wood imaginable.

Since they often spot a hardwood trim, plywood sheets have the appearance of solid timber. The even layering of light and dark wood gives crisp linear detail to any project. The unique design makes plywood a cross between human-made and natural building material.

It’s easy on the pocket


If the aesthetic appeal doesn’t win you over, then the cost savings that come with using plywood should do the trick. A board of 4-by-8 feet from rich species such as birch or oak is likely to set you back less than $80. A wooden board of that size would have you reeling from the quoted price.

Best of all, if you get the entire board home without any damage, the 32 square feet of pristine material will cover lots of ground. You will only need a few sheets to outfit your house. An equivalent solid board of such clean material is likely to set you back almost twice the asking price.

It has limitless applications

Do you want to put up a designer ceiling or make closets? Plywood has you covered. Since the layers on plywood are glued together with resin, there’s little to none contraction or expansion. That eliminates the risk of warping, swelling, or stretching due to humidity.

Depending on your needs, plywood can be bendy or as rigid as you want it to be. For laminate projects or anything curvy, the 1/8-inch ply will do, and the ¾-inch ply is suitable for the countertops or coffee table.

In the end, it might come as a surprise, but plywood can help you save money on home décor without sacrificing quality. You can give your home a touch of class by tapping into the warm, natural, and pure qualities of plywood. From finishes to furniture, plywood makes an ideal material for the home as it’s both durable and pleasing to the eye. It lets you get all the excellent qualities of wood without any of the shortcomings. If you feel unsure, you should immediately seek the help of an expert or professional in inter design.

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