Why Your Home Feels Too Small

• Clutter is a common cause of feeling like your home is too small, so decluttering regularly and investing in quality storage solutions can help create more space.

• Rearranging furniture can create new seating areas and free up pathways, making the room appear larger and more welcoming.

• Investing in multi-purpose furniture such as ottomans and tables with drawers can help create more storage without taking up too much space.

• Detached garages are an excellent way to store items alongside your vehicle, freeing up valuable real estate within the house itself.

If you feel your house is never large enough for all your belongings, you are not alone. Of course, people struggle with not having enough room in their homes to store things, but there are some common causes for this lack of space. Here are the most common reasons people’s homes seem too small and what they can do to make their spaces feel bigger and better.


One of the most common reasons why many people feel like their home isn’t big enough is simply because it is cluttered with too many items. Excess clothing and accessories, piles of paperwork, and old magazines can cause clutter. Even if you have a large home, clutter can make it feel cramped and uncomfortable.

To combat this issue, take the time to declutter your home. Sort through items you don’t need or use anymore and donate them or throw them away, so your home doesn’t get overwhelmed by stuff. It can give you more space and even alleviate stress in your life.

Furniture Arrangement

Another reason people may feel like their house is too small is because their furniture might be arranged in a way that makes the room appear smaller. If your furniture is blocking any pathways or taking up too much space in a given room, try rearranging it to free up some space and give yourself more breathing room!

Moving furniture can also help create new seating areas or open up a place where you can add additional storage solutions, such as shelves or baskets.

A man and furniture

Lack of Storage Solutions

Finally, another reason people may find themselves lacking space in their homes is a lack of storage solutions. Investing in quality storage pieces such as cabinets, shelves, ottomans, or baskets can help create more organization and reduce clutter within a home while also creating additional storage space for items that would otherwise take up valuable real estate within the house itself.

Proactive Ways You Can Make Space in Your Home

It’s natural to want more space in your home—it can make organizing our belongings easier! However, several underlying factors could be causing you to lack space. By addressing these issues head-on with thoughtful solutions such as decluttering regularly, you’ll gain back some valuable real estate within your own four walls! However, there are also proactive ways to add space to your home. Here are some of them.

Garage Space

Some homes might not have a garage, and because of this, you’re lacking one of the best ways to store items alongside your vehicle. Instead, you can invest in detached garage plans and build your addition. This can drastically increase the space inside your home, and it’s a great and safe way to store items over time.


It might be good to invest in extra storage solutions, like the ones already mentioned. This can help you store items more quickly and tidily while freeing up floor space in your home. However, the average cost of storage solutions in the U.S. is around $180, so ensure you don’t over that.

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Vertical Solutions

If you’re looking to add more storage without having to invest in furniture, vertical solutions are essential. Even if you have a limited number of shelves and cabinets, you can maximize their use by adding hooks and other vertical solutions to help you store items up high. This will help free up floor space while allowing you to access the items still whenever needed.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Investing in multi-purpose furniture is another excellent way to add storage without wasting too much space. For example, an ottoman can double as a footrest and storage area for blankets or toys, while end tables with drawers are great for keeping items out of sight.

By addressing the underlying causes of why you feel your house is too small, such as clutter and lack of storage solutions, and finding creative ways to use the space you already have, you can make your home feel bigger and better. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to free up more room for yourself and your belongings!

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