How Much Do Utah Contractors Charge for Installing Windows?

The cost of labor for window installation in Utah could range from $30 to $50 per hour, but homeowners should expect to spend more for complex installations.

Those who need to spend fewer than five windows usually spend $1,250, including the price of materials and overhead costs. If you plan to have more than five windows, the price might reach up to $3,350. You can reduce the actual amount by sourcing your materials since this will also decrease the overhead expenses such as the delivery of materials and gas for contractors’ vehicles.

The Cost of Installation Based on Materials

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The type of material for windows also affects the actual labor fee. For instance, there is a significant price variation between vinyl and wood, which costs at least $250 and $600 for installation based on an average rate of $40 per hour, respectively.

If you need to install windows in an existing wall, the price could reach up to $1,000 to cover the cost of finishing, framing, and siding work. You might need to spend on electrical and plumbing rerouting, and this could increase the overall bill. The price of removing a door to install a window in its place could also cost the same. Take note that a replacement for an existing window will be different from installing a new one.

Replacement vs. New Installation

Those who hire a contractor to replace windows only want a retrofit or slide-in for more than 80% of the time. This usually involves the replacement of glass and other moving components. It’s ideal to install a new window when the old one has severe damage on its frames or siding. Consult a window expert to know the best choice, but don’t fall for quotes worth less than $300 per window, especially if you need multiple installations.

It may seem tempting to save money, but the quality of artistry and materials are likely to be cheap as well. If possible, spend extra on warranties provided only when you hire authorized dealers. The type of window styles is another thing to consider when estimating your budget for a new installation.

Other Pricing Factors

Double- and single-hung types are some of the most affordable styles for windows. You could buy a single-hung window for just $100, while double-hung windows cost at least $150 each. Some of the more expensive ones comprise bay and bow windows, which cost $600 and $1,000, respectively.

Once you decide on the number of windows and styles for installation, the next thing requires you to know the availability of your chosen contractor. Spring and summer are the usual peak seasons because most people also need to replace windows, so expect higher rates and longer waiting time for service.

It can be confusing for some homeowners to estimate the price of window installation. You should consider asking for at least three price estimates from different contractors to compare the best rates. Remember that an estimate only involves the projected figure from a professional, based on their experience and skills.

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