Make Your Retail Space Instagram-worthy!

As a business owner, you probably spend more time and resources developing the products you sell. That’s understandable. A good product that people love is enough to make it sell. But in an ever-increasing social media-centric world, there is much more to consider when selling products.

Social media has become a virtual platform that people use to discover and find new places and things. It is especially true for the visually reliant app – Instagram. They have created a culture where Instagram-worthy stores get rewarded with customer-generated content. That type of content is the new version of word-of-mouth. Additionally, hashtag makes them spread even faster, helping your brand skyrocket into popularity.

Here are some ways to make your business look more Instagram-worthy.

Get a Paintbrush.

Painting your walls could already do so much to make your space Instagram-worthy. Create drama and emotion by painting around fixtures or pieces in your shop you want to highlight. You could also use paint to define architectural elements such as windows and arches, making them pop and stand out. Half-painted walls and geometric patterns are also trendy ideas you should consider that add character to any space.

The good thing about painting is that it’s inexpensive and easy to do. It’s perfect for small business owners who don’t want to spend too much to make their shop look better. It’s also not a big commitment since you could easily repaint your walls if you end up not liking the outcome.

Follow the Light!

Maximize your shop’s potential for the gram by finding interesting places where natural light enters. There could be corners in your shop where the sun hits just right and casts dramatic shadows that could give your next Instagram post a more cinematic feel. Try experimenting by shooting at different hours of the day to find the best spot in your shop for that golden Instagram photo hour.

Another way for customers to engage more with your shop is by providing different lighting for different moods. It creates immersive layers that lead customers to complex experiences, making your store more memorable and Instagram-worthy.


Storefront impact.

Don’t use all of your resources on interiors. After all, the first thing customers see is your storefront. An eye-catching Instagram-worthy storefront is the best way to attract customers without any marketing. Your storefront alone could pique the interest of passers-by and turn them into potential customers. So it would be wise to add features that make your storefront beautiful.

A great example of a storefront feature is sun shading. Awnings or canopies, if implemented well, could easily elevate the look of your store. They have a variety of designs and materials that could help you achieve different looks and vibes. Get the look from anything to a diner at the bistro vibe or an afternoon in the Caribbean. These are just some of the Instagram-worthy content that awnings and canopies can deliver.

Aside from their aesthetic contribution, they’re also practical and could save you a lot of money through sun shading and heat mitigation. With that said, they help reduce heating and cooling costs by a substantial amount, making them a worthwhile investment that every business owner should consider.

All Plain, no Gain!

If your shop has several blank walls, it’s best to get rid of the plainness of them all. You could add subtle elements or fully deck out each wall with ornaments and decoration, as long as they complement or contrast the shop’s aesthetic tastefully.

Plain walls aren’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you want to achieve a minimalist aesthetic for your shop. However, there is a big difference between a minimalist design and a boring one. You could still play with textures, colors, and gradients that keep your walls interesting without much ornamentation.

Whatever way you want to deal with the plain walls in your shop, make sure that it follows a common theme and represents your brand identity. Having the small things and other elements in the design feel the same way as your whole shop would do wonders for how Instagram-worthy your business could be.

Too much is Too much.

Don’t get too caught up with all the things you could add to your store. You could end up adding way too much stuff that could take away from your store being Instagram-worthy. Additionally, having furniture and ornaments that have no relation to your brand will leave customers confused, leaving a lasting negative impression.

Start by drawing inspiration from your brand identity and build a theme or an aesthetic that would translate well into every element of your store. Make sure to follow the design identity from your products and packaging to the styling of your store. It helps keep things simple and prevents you from overdoing them.

Instagram-worthy spaces lead to more customer-generated content, and if done right, could even be a travel-worthy destination. It creates buzz and intrigue around your store, which means more people and more customers. That buzz eventually leads to more sales and good business.

It’s in the best interest of every business owner to constantly look up design trends that are perfect for the ‘gram and periodically refresh the look of their stores while staying true to their brand identity. The returns you could generate in investing in the aesthetics of your store outweigh the costs.

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