Points for Building the Perfect Outdoor Dance Area

Dancing has been one of the best hobbies out there that a person can get into. You get to enjoy your free time alone or with friends and be healthier while you do it. Usually, people go to a dance studio or any similar establishment to perform. But nowadays, you can also take your passion outdoors and still have fun. If your goal is to be able to showcase your and other people’s dance without the confines of an indoor studio, then here are some important reminders when you’re building an outdoor dance area:

Dance Area

The most common reason why people don’t perform outdoors is that the dance floor they’ll be working on is usually made up of hard materials such as stone and cement, which can lead to injuries. Fortunately, if you’re building it from scratch, you can ask your general contractor in Utah to use softer materials such as wood or rubber instead. It will make it more comfortable for people to dance or do basic exercises such as stretching. Since the material will be exposed to harsher elements, it should be able to withstand high heat and be waterproof.


Even if the whole point is to take the dancing outdoors, you’ll still need to provide ample protection from sunlight and rains so that you and the others can still dance comfortably. Putting up tents to shield people from the elements is a must for this setup, preferably ones that have walls that can be collapsed to leave only the roof on. As much as possible, you’ll want to get the ones that can be easily taken down or assembled with just the help of your dancers for convenience.


dance practice

You’ll need music to be able to perform. Since you are doing this outside, you may encounter some difficulties due to a large amount of ambient noise from many different sources. The sound system you need to purchase must be able to produce music loud enough for your dancers to hear while they practice and perform. Just make sure that the ones you get are shockproof and resistant to weather and other elements.

Exhibition Items

Sometimes, grander performances require special pieces of equipment to take it to the next level. An outdoor setting allows for a wider range of items to use since you have a bigger area to work with. Trampolines, tall bars, and swings are some of the more common options that can be used here since creative troupes can do awe-inspiring routines with the aid of these pieces of equipment. You’ll need specialized flooring such as earth or sand if you want to use these so that you can prevent mishaps.

Confidence is one of the keys to a great performance. An outdoor studio can help develop this quality in your dancers. Unorthodox as it may seem, such a venue can provide the same benefits as an indoor one, and even more if you can build it properly. With the right setup and rigorous training, your students will be able to hone their craft to levels that they thought was impossible before, even if you’re not using the traditional dance studio setting.

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