The role of an orthodontist

Everybody would like to have perfect teeth that are beautifully aligned and are nice and white, making our smiles look attractive to the eyes of others. The truth is while this may well be a worthwhile desire, one of the most common oral issues in the UK’s adult population is that of misaligned or crooked teeth.

This has led to the recognition of specialised services aimed at addressing misaligned teeth and the issues associated with this common condition.

By understanding the role that an orthodontist, Liverpool, can play in helping someone achieve perfect alignment, it soon becomes clear that their role can benefit a patient far beyond straightening teeth. Making it easy to form an argument that they play a vital part in helping someone with crooked teeth achieve high standards within their oral health and hygiene.

Understanding the main role of this oral specialist

An orthodontist is mainly concerned with the position, appearance and function of patients’ teeth, therefore they are not there to treat common dental issues such as fillings. They are qualified to treat crooked and crowded teeth, in the hope of making the patient more comfortable with their smile and bite, by repositioning them within the mouth.

This is achieved via several different oral devices including fixed braces and removable aligners. The professional involved in any patient treatment will advise them as to the best course of treatment for their case, following a full assessment of the patient’s teeth.

Preparing for treatment

Before someone receives any treatment to realign their teeth it is important that they prepare properly beforehand. They will need to make certain they are practising a high standard of oral care, to ensure they have the highest standard of oral hygiene possible.

It is important to note that these treatments can heighten the risk of gum disease and other dental issues, meaning it is vital that a rigorous standard of oral hygiene is maintained throughout treatment. This can be achieved through brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, normally recommended to be twice a day by most dentists.

dental proedure

Be aware of the length of time needed for treatment

One of the main questions many patients have is, how long will their treatment last? This is dependent on the patient’s case, as more complicated presentations may require a longer period for the treatment to be effective. Normally treatment will take twelve to eighteen months to complete and achieve the desired results.

Resolving common issues associated with misaligned teeth

There are many common issues associated with crooked or crowded teeth that can be eliminated with the use of tooth alignment treatments. The main one being that many people with misaligned teeth may also suffer from poor oral hygiene, due to the fact the teeth are harder to clean. This can lead to dental issues and invasive dental treatment.

By realigning the teeth for these patients the surface of each tooth can be easily accessed for cleaning with a brush, this should then help the patient improve their oral hygiene.

Make the change

If someone is living with misaligned teeth, they need to understand there is no need to do so. They should contact an orthodontist and make a change.

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