Why You Need a Safe Outdoor Space at Home

With the onslaught of modern technology, it’s safe to say that the times have dramatically changed. Gone are the days when children would play with their friends outside the house while basking in the afternoon sun. Now, they spend all day in front of their computers, playing with friends that they talk to through screens and microphones instead of face-to-face.

Staying indoors all the time has also encouraged people to lead a sedentary lifestyle, only moving as much as they need to carry out their day-to-day tasks. The lack of regular physical activity is another reason many people develop serious health conditions like obesity and chronic pains.

But it’s difficult to blame everything on technology because at the end of the day, how their days are spent is an individual’s choice. However, it can also be caused by how inaccessible green spaces are. That said, here’s why you need to have a safe outdoor space at home:

To be able to spend time in nature

In the digital age, one of the biggest challenges that people face is the lack of easy access to outdoor spaces, especially those living in urban areas. If you have a suburban house with a yard, you should consider yourself lucky because not everyone has the same privilege you have.

Most people spend all their time indoors, watching their favorite shows on TV, talking to their friends on the phone, or playing games on their computers. But what they might not notice is that they’re missing out on their much-needed time in the natural world; that is, away from their screens.

This loss of essential time outdoors can lead to the development of the nature-deficit disorder (NDD), which is just as real as any medical condition out there, although it’s yet to be acknowledged as one. The usual symptoms of NDD include depression, anxiety, and antisocial behaviors, to name a few.

Too much screen time is harmful to everyone, particularly because it comes at the cost of not having enough time in the presence of nature. But if you had easy access to a safe outdoor space, such as your yard, you could soak up the sun, touch some grass, and breathe in the fresh air anytime you want.

To have a safe place to relax in


Some people are lucky if they live near a park because they can go there whenever they need to be in nature, but others have to drive out of highly urbanized areas just to see a few trees or a patch of grass. Having an outdoor space can fix that for you, especially if you have an area to hang out in, like a patio.

There’s nothing like reading your favorite book while drinking sweet, iced tea as you watch the sunset turn into dusk. Of course, too much exposure to the sun can also be harmful not only to your skin but also to your eyesight, so you must have a patio sun and windscreen to protect you from the elements.

A safe outdoor space at home is like a precious gem that needs to be treasured. You can’t take it for granted simply because it’s something that you always had within your arm’s reach. When most people are fighting tooth and nail for green spaces like these, you must learn how to value what you already have.

To have a venue for social gatherings

Aside from being a place to be with nature and an area for relaxation, your outdoor space at home can also double as a venue for small gatherings. This is the perfect place to hold potluck and barbecue dinners, family team-building events, or even inflatable pool parties during the summer.

Instead of having to go out of the city for such events, you can just invite your friends and family over to your house for celebrations. Not only will you save on money and travel time, but you’ll also feel more comfortable because you’re in your safe space. And you won’t have to worry about anything else.

This makes it easy to plan social gatherings because you already have an automatic venue for them, which is especially great if you love having people over. So the next time you need a place for a family dinner or a party, offer to have it at your house. But make sure to be a good host to your guests.

Spending time outdoors is important not only to your physical health but also to your mental health. There needs to be a balance in your life, especially in spending time on your own and with other people. That’s why you should make it a habit to spend time outdoors, even if only for a few minutes a day.

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