Simple Ways to Attract Customers and Keep Them Safe

If a commercial establishment really wants to garner customers, it needs to always be presentable. When the passage of time is already showing on the walls, ceiling, and flooring, it’s time to consider revitalizing the environment so that it remains interesting and relevant. Today, let’s talk about how you can enliven the floor and make it look as good as new.

Rejuvenating Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are not particularly difficult to deal with, but they require special attention. You can rejuvenate a hardwood floor with a professional restorer. The products you will find in any home improvement store will protect the surface while adding a radiant shine that makes everything look new again.

One coat of a urethane-based solution works two-fold—it regenerates old hardwood and protects it as well. An excellent solution bonds easily to the wood finish without a waxy texture. Consider what is on the label before purchasing a product. For example, a urethane-based product may not adhere well to an aluminum oxide finish. Furthermore, the product protects the floor from spills and stains and fills in minor scratches already on the surface. You can look for a professional restorer that does not require the hardwood to be sanded as preparation.

Improving Floor Traction and Safety

man attaching tilesRecognizing hidden and potential dangers in the office and implementing a plan of action to prevent harmful occurrences could save your company money and preserve your reputation as well. This is why you need to focus on improving the condition of the flooring you currently have, which brings the discussion to a highly relevant topic—slips and falls.

First, identify if there are tripping hazards in high traffic areas and passages frequented by workers. By removing them you are already improving the accessibility and safety of your establishment. Second, consider floor traction and safety along these areas. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to install anti-slip flooring in areas of the establishment where there are risks for falls. Falls are high on the list of common causes for injury in the workplace. In Australia, thousands of people—mostly children and the elderly—are injured when they lose their footing on slippery floors and stairs. Stairways are especially vulnerable as a single slip could result in multiple injuries.

Fortunately, falls can be prevented. You might want to consider anti-slip treatment if you have tiles in the hallways, footpaths, and alfresco areas. Contemporary floor safety solutions are available for work area, patios, and lobbies. Some of the products to consider are non-slip sealers, non-slip tapes, safety plates, and related technology. Even if your commercial establishment is not a critical industrial setting, you must look into probable areas where slips and falls are highly likely to occur and implement safety measures where necessary.

When you look at the floor where your establishment conducts its business, do you see a vibrant environment? If the floor looks worn out it is time to restore it back to life. When you walk around do you feel safe as you traverse every passage? For the sake of everyone, workers and customers alike, you must evaluate the safety and security of the floor you walk on and decrease the risk for slips and falls.

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