Stop it with These Excuses: Don’t Put Off Braces

While having crooked or misaligned teeth don’t hurt, this does not mean that you won’t need or benefit from braces. Putting off braces, even though you know you need it, means neglecting your smile and oral health. Settling with crooked teeth, furthermore, can negatively affect not just your overall appearance, but also your personal, professional, and social life.

If you’re unhappy with your smile and believe that you need braces, stop making the following excuses in an attempt to put off an orthodontic treatment.

I’m already an adult, so my teeth won’t move.

Who says braces are just for kids and teens? While the ideal time for placement is between 10 and 14 years old, there is no age limit to straightening your teeth. Regardless of your age, braces can move your teeth and give you a winning smile. Besides, the number of adult patients getting braces has significantly increased over the last few decades.

It is also good to know most older patients tend to be more disciplined (than kids and teens) in caring for their teeth/braces and following the instructions of the orthodontist. This can then translate to a smoother and better treatment.

I’m fine with my (crooked or misaligned) teeth.

Having crooked or misaligned teeth for so long might cause you to believe that there is no point in straightening them now. Delano orthodontic centers note that this is not true, as braces can improve not just your smile and appearance, but also your oral and overall health. It also brings a host other benefits such as:

  • easier cleaning
  • better eating
  • clear speech
  • fewer periodontal issues
  • smaller dental bills
  • decreased risk of accidents
  • improve confidence

You should also know while having misaligned teeth is not painful, it enables more plaque and tartar to accumulate, resulting in gingivitis or gum disease. Improper bite and teeth alignment, moreover, can lead to jaw issues, premature tooth wear, and headaches.

girl on dental braces check up

Braces are expensive. I can’t afford them.

While it is true that braces cost more than the common dental procedures, this does not mean that you can’t afford them. Many dental and orthodontic clinics also offer low down payment options, along with reasonably priced monthly payments and membership plans.

You should also know that the cost of the treatments will vary depending on the clinic or dentist, the severity of alignment issues, and the type of braces. Metal braces are more affordable than ceramic braces and invisible plastic aligners, but are effective in realigning and straightening teeth.

Braces will make me look immature and unprofessional.

Many adults hesitate to get braces because they worry about how it would make them look like. If you have the same concern, it is good to know that braces today (even traditional ones) are more discreet than they were before many years ago.

There are also less noticeable options like ceramic braces, which are placed the same way as metal ones, but use clear brackets, so they match with your teeth. There is also the Invisalign or invisible braces, which are made of clear and removable plastic aligners.

Stop making these excuses and start taking better care of your teeth and oral health. If you have questions about braces like and how fast you will able to see improvements, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist today.

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