Enjoy the Advantages of Green Technology

Many people don’t realize the benefits that come with embracing green technology when putting up a building. Not only do you get to save on maintenance costs but also create a healthy working and living environment.

Scientists estimate that if the current levels of greenhouse gases are left unchecked, the global temperatures will rise by 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The rising temperatures will lead to frequent flooding, widespread droughts, rising sea levels, and infectious diseases.

Embracing green technology from welding services in Edmonton is an incredible way to counter the adverse effects of climate change. Green technology lets you lower the amount of carbon dioxide that a building produces during its activities and operations.

Use recycled building materials

Indeed, using recycled materials to build your house is a great way to preserve the environment. However, in this case, recycled waste doesn’t refer to re-using old materials. That means you don’t have to build your dream house with old, unsightly supplies. Recycling means giving old things a new lease of life, and in most cases, that can entail processing it first.

Steel is the most recycled metal on the planet, so steel buildings are very sustainable. Surprisingly, recycling steel results in a 97 percent decrease in mine waste, an 86 percent decrease in air pollution, and a 76 percent reduction in air pollution. Compared to mining, re-using steel is an eco-friendly production method as it lowers energy consumption by up to 75 percent. Steel is 100 percent recyclable and creates aboveground mines that have little to no adverse effect on the environment.


A typical metallic building uses at least up to 70percent recycled steel, which is instrumental in lowering its total carbon footprint. Given the structural strength of steel, you will require fewer materials when building frames. That also helps to reduce your construction costs.

Embrace daylighting

Lighting accounts for up to 40 percent of the energy consumption of a typical commercial building. Green lighting technology extends beyond harnessing the power of the sun to light up a building. Window films can help lower your carbon footprint, reducing your energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

Daylighting is proving to be an efficient way to harness natural light into buildings and decrease energy consumption. It entails the controlled admission of direct sunlight into a structure to lessen the need for electric lighting and save on energy.

It extends beyond windows and skylights to include lighting control systems that are responsive to daylight. The use of ambient lighting from sunlight alone gives the building the ability to lower its dependence on electric power. Sunshine has the added advantage of improving the health and well-being of the building’s occupants.

There are many advantages to reducing the carbon footprint of a building. Not only do you get to reduce its running costs; you also improve the productivity of the people working there. You will be putting up a building that comes with lowered maintenance costs while creating a healthier place for people to work or live in.

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