The Application of Steel in Various Industries

Among the metals present in the world, steel is the most commonly utilized and recycled due to its properties. It’s durable, flexible, and relatively cheaper concerning its production costs. Recyclability is another factor, according to the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, which makes it desired by many people in different applications.

But, have you ever wondered where steel is widely used and why steel suppliers continue to be in demand? Let’s find out.

Construction and Architecture

A staggering 90% of all steel produced for the market goes to construction projects, infrastructures, and architectural feats. Steel is added into a building because of its corresponding durability, safety, and affordability. It can also be molded to suit designs and plans that require a visually demanding aesthetic.

Thanks to the availability of different kinds of steel, whatever function or environment your project is exposed to, it has a specific type to accommodate special engineering requirements.

Automotive and Transportation

It’s not like your car is made out of gold or silver. In fact, vehicles use steel for about 75% of its production. Most of the time, unutilized steel for construction are recycled to produce what is identified as Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), which requires less energy to make and emits lesser amounts of carbon dioxide.

Energy sector

Wind turbine and solar panelsAll areas of the energy industry utilize steel for various infrastructure projects like the construction of wind turbines and industrial solar panels and even the storage for non-renewable fossil fuels. Steel can also be found in pipelines, transmission towers, electricity pylons, electromagnets, and many more.

Packaging purposes

Steel as a primary means of containing food from excessive exposure to water, air, and light has been traced back from its first use — around 200 years back. This material does not easily corrode and is lightweight, making it an ideal item to carry around or for stacking in a cupboard.

In a survey commissioned by Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), it shows that 98% of families in the world have canned food items in their homes. Aside from keeping food in its natural state with the use of easy to open packaging, steel is also used as a closure for household cleaners like aerosols, air freshener, and sprays.


Most of the home appliances you see are enclosed in steel products. It can be alloy, stainless steel, platinum, or any other durable steel available for its production, but you’ll never see a piece of machinery that is made out of plastic. You can name some of the items in your home like your sink, your washing machine, your oven, and many more.

Steel can also be accounted for the production of cutlery, farm equipment, jewelry making, and other unlisted industries that are producing products for consumers. If you are an entrepreneur who’s engaged in any of these industries, you can always purchase it from a reputable steel supplier so you can be sure that it’s of high quality. Plus, establishing a partnership with them can even grant you discounts when you buy in bulk, so think about the possibilities!

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