The only truly invisible option

A lot of teeth straightening devices claim to be invisible when in actuality they are tooth coloured or clear, but not entirely invisible to the eye. However, there is one option that is available that is attached to the back of teeth rather than the front and can be suitable for some individuals looking for that truly invisible experience.

Known as Incognito in Weybridge, this solution can be used in conjunction with other aligners or on its own, to provide a teeth straightening experience that is more aligned to specific needs that some individuals have.

Dentists understand and respect that their patients have certain expectations when it comes to their oral health care and often put off having their teeth straightened, because they do not want to wear any kind of device that might impede on their professional appearance or career goals, for example.

Other people wish to have their teeth straightened perhaps for a big day such as a wedding, but have left it too long and the treatment will most likely overlap. This option, although a little pricier and not matched to every dental situation, can be that solution to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

How does it work?

This treatment, as previously mentioned, is attached to the back of teeth rather than the front. It is a fixed solution, meaning that it cannot be removed until treatment has been completed. A signature gold plate covers the brackets and wires, creating a smooth surface along the back of the teeth so that there is minimal disruption to a person’s speech or injury to their tongue.

This is also beneficial in ensuring that food debris is not lodged in between the wires, as is common with traditionally placed braces. Because patients can generally see any food in their teeth when they smile and work on removing this in due course, the same cannot be said for the back of teeth.

By creating a smooth surface, this potentially problematic and damaging issue can be eliminated and individuals can enjoy their lingual braces knowing that the health of their teeth during the course of the treatment will remain intact.

When designing these bespoke braces, dentists can provide their patients with a digital scan that provides a visual representation of the movement and final results of their teeth for them to enjoy. By being able to see what the final results should look like, patients can become excited and motivated to move through the programme and look forward to enjoying those final results in the next few months.

It is an experience that many people know they should have but often put off, because of the time and cost involved in straightening teeth. For young adults and older adults alike, by straightening teeth, individuals can enjoy a healthier wellbeing as well as a healthier outlook on life, knowing that they can confidently smile and not be concerned about any unconscious judgements that people may have regarding the appearance of their smile. It  is worth every penny.

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