Ways You Can Work from Home More Efficiently

Because of the pandemic, a majority of the population work from home. Reports state that most companies intend to make remote work permanent for some, if not all, of their employees even after the pandemic.

Many employees who work remotely see this as a convenient arrangement and, if given a choice, also prefer to continue with the practice. There is no need to travel to and from work, hence there is more time for rest and recreation. This energizes them for the next work cycle.

If you are among those who are working from home, it is time to make your work set up more professional. You will be more productive in a dedicated workspace, rather than working on the dining table.

Home Office

Noise is a major problem if there are children at home. If there is another person also working from home, noise can also be an issue when you are both in virtual meetings.

It is best to have a separate space as a home office. If two or more of you are working from home, consider building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) beside the house. Each of you can have a room to yourself, canceling noise and distractions, and enabling full concentration.

You can give the children their classroom in the ADU, creating an environment that is more conducive to studying. You can easily check on them from time to time at your convenience.

You can also roll your office kitchenette and school canteen into one in the ADU. The family can enjoy breaks together.

For couples with no children at home and with only one adult working remotely, garden rooms are ideal. These can also be set up as a home office while doubling as a restful space filled with plants. Consider yourself promoted to having the best office at work, with the best view.

Dedicated Space

remote work

If building a separate space is not possible, carve out a dedicated workspace in your home. Convert a guest room into a home office since guests are not allowed during the pandemic, anyway. If there is no extra room and there are children in the house, you can use your bedroom as your office during the day. This way, you can shut the door when you need quiet.

If there are no children in the house, it is better not to have your office in the bedroom to avoid the temptation of stretching out on the bed and falling asleep during work hours.

Find a niche such as space under the stairs or a corner of the living room. Set up a desk and shelves to keep your files and references within reach. Make the space look good to inspire you to work whenever you sit there.

Office Gym

You can even have your office gym right in your workspace. Studies show that sitting for more than eight hours a day while not having an active lifestyle puts you at the same risk of dying as obesity and smoking. You can counter this, though, with at least an hour of moderate physical activity each day.

Consider using a standing desk. Some models are adjustable so that you can sit for a time and stand for a time. Experts recommend standing after 20 to 30 minutes of sitting. Another option is having a treadmill in front of your standing desk. Some models incorporate a desk on the treadmill. Alternatively, you can have a folding treadmill that you can store out of sight after use.

There are other types of exercise equipment you can use while seated at your desk. There are mini-bike pedals, under-desk elliptical equipment, and mini-steppers.

You must make sure that your chair is ergonomically designed for proper posture. There are also ergonomic motion chairs that bounce, move sideways, and tilt for what they call “active sitting”. This stimulates blood circulation, exercises your muscles and joints, and prevents posture problems, backache, and a host of other aches and pains.

Being active while at work supplies more oxygen to the brain, preventing tiredness and enhancing concentration while improving your mood.

Best Job Ever

The greatest advantage of working from home is that you have total control over your work environment. It is entirely up to you how you can make the most of it.

Start planning and setting up your dream workspace now. You can put in all the perks you want because the happier you are, the more efficient and productive you will be. Working from home can make you feel like you have the best job ever.

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