Wonder Women: The Truth Behind Some Myths About the Female Body

If time machines are real, and you can go back in time by two centuries, you’ll return to a world when one of the biggest mysteries was a woman’s body. People have often misunderstood many things about the female body, and this is mostly because, throughout history, medicine has been highly dominated by men — men who have very little interest in truly learning the intricacies of women’s sexual health.

For many years, women had to deal with a long list of ridiculous misconceptions about their bodies brought about by religion, sexism, and just plain ignorance. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs have persisted and are still present in modern day society.

Here are three myths about the female body and the truth behind them:

Myth # 1: A woman is pregnant if she does not have her period

This isn’t always true. Irregular menstrual cycles are far more common than many might think as one of the most complicated cycles of the female body, women experience different things when it comes to their period. In fact, there are no specific rules when it comes to monthly periods.

If a woman has irregular cycles — that she’s having way too frequent periods or none at all — it could be an indication of other conditions she is experiencing, such as anxiety and tension.

Some women get their periods twice a month, while others may only get them four to five times a year. So, if a woman is missing her period and pregnancy is far from being the only possible cause, then it might just be her normal cycle.

Myth # 2: Women need to clean their private parts with special products

Female in white clothesFor many years, manufacturers of feminine hygiene products have promoted their goods by supporting the claims that female private parts are inherently dirty and need some special chemicals to be thoroughly cleaned.

The vagina’s natural odor should be stripped by using washes, wipes, and other scented liquids. But the truth is, female private parts are capable of cleaning itself. There’s no need to use products that may contain harsh chemicals and may actually do more harm than good.

The use of these products will only strip the vagina of its natural balanced microbes that are supposed to be there in the first place. According to a gynecologist in West Jordan, all it takes to cleanse that area properly is with a mild soap and warm water.

Myth # 3: It’s possible for tampons to get lost inside a woman’s body

This isn’t possible, technically, as the opening of the cervix is too small for a tampon to go through it fully. However, some women do forget to remove their tampons during their period, and this is when it gets “lost” inside because they couldn’t take it out anymore.

It gets stuck in the top of the vagina, and the string attached to it can no longer be felt easily. Fortunately, a “lost” tampon will signal itself through the odor it produces. Gynecologists say this isn’t a very uncommon occurrence.

If you have any questions about your reproductive health, it’s always best to consult with a doctor before following any word-of-mouth advice or purchasing any over-the-counter drugs.

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