Top Outdoor Activities to Do When You’re in Utah

Even if you don’t love the outdoors, you’ll have a hard time denying yourself the experience of hiking, camping, and rappelling through Utah’s great outdoors. Utah is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the United States. Thrill-seekers, however, have a million things to say about this state—mostly, that it doesn’t leave them wanting for more extreme activities.

In Utah, ATV tours are like walking into a museum. Do you think riding an ATV is enough for you? Hiking is what Utah is known for, but jeep crawling, mountain biking, paragliding, skydiving, and white river rafting are things that adventure-seekers crave for when they visit Utah.

Want to know more about Utah’s extreme adventure activities? Here they are:

Hike to the Bell Canyon’s Waterfall

Perhaps, you’ll have a hard time finding something as mystical and magical as the Bell Canyon’s waterfall. The hike is pretty easy that even first-timers can do it with success. If you follow the trail, you’ll find that it’s easy enough to get to the top, except the big, steep hill that you have to climb before you get to the waterfall. But man, what a gorgeous sight that waterfall is! Make sure to climb up just before sunset. Be careful when you make the climb down. Camping and dogs are not allowed.

Sail on the Great Salt Lake

If you’re not an able sailor, you may find it hard to navigate through the heavy density of the lake. You may want to hire someone who can do the maneuvering of the yacht for you. Probably because of the salt and mineral content of the lake, the water seems to be more reflective than any other bodies of water. This makes seeing the sunset over these waters one of the best things you can do in your life. The Great Salt Lake has a salt content of 15% in the south and 27% in the north end. For comparison, the ocean is just 3% salt.

Go River Rafting

There is nothing that can compare to the epic white-water river rafting adventure that the Colorado River can provide. It’s something you definitely cannot miss. The Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River is where many outfitters and private groups converge for a five-day adventure. Yes, five days. It takes almost that long to float from the Canyonlands to the Glen Canyon national recreational area. Whether it’s high water or low flows, the rapids at Satan’s Gut and Big Drops I, II, and III are some of the most exciting in the world.

Hike Through the Wire Pass Slot Canyon

Kayaking on Lake Powell

The Wire Pass isn’t as popular as the Wave near the Utah-Arizona border, but it’s just as gorgeous. You can hike through the canyon without a permit, but you better be careful. Those who are claustrophobic may find it hard to hike through the pass, so you may want to skip this. There are no major obstacles along the hiking path, except for the seven- to eight-foot drop that isn’t that bad.

There are a lot more you can do in Utah, especially during the winter season when snow falls in feet (not in inches). Utah isn’t known to have the “greatest snow on earth” for nothing. You can go skiing and join other snowboard events in some of Utah’s most famous ski resorts. No matter the season, there’s really nothing that can compare to Utah’s outdoors.

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