4 Creative Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Do you love a bright and properly lit room but it is naturally dark due to certain factors? Your room might be facing a wall or it simply lacks windows, but either way, you do not have to suffer from a dark room, as there are ways to make it seem brighter than it actually is.

Here, we will discuss what you need to make your room seem brighter and properly lit. Whether it is placing a lamp beside that bed or sofa that you bought online in the UK or adding a couple of lamps, you would love these ideas we prepared for you:

Add More Light

We are stating the obvious here, but we have to include this in the list. The first thing you should do if you have a naturally dark room is to add more lights! Do not just add one small table lamp or night light though, though. Make sure that it is enough to make you see the room and its entirety clearly.

Make sure to layer your lights to illuminate the whole bedroom. At least three sources of light are ideal to make the room bright and inviting, and an additional lamp or two would not hurt to make the room look warm and cosy.

Go Easy on the Paint

If you think that white and other light colours will make your bedroom look well-lit, then you are wrong. White and light wall colours need enough light for it to reflect the colour properly. If your room does not have enough lighting and you have white or light wall colours, then it will only look dull and dimmer.

If you want your room to look bright but do not want to add more lights, then go for a richly saturated or mid-tone paint colour instead. You can also opt for a brighter colour if that is your style. This can add warmth to your bedroom, as it does not need to rely on reflected light as heavily as lighter colours do.

Get More Mirrors

One way to make your room look brighter and bigger is to add a couple of mirrors. Fitted wardrobes can be dressed with large mirrored panels to add a modern touch. This will also increase the sense of visual space and even reflect the light that you badly want and need.

Choose the Right Draperies

Opened curtains letting in light

Avoid using heavy and thick curtains, as this can make your room look darker than it already is. Make sure to use sheer draperies instead, as this will allow whatever light there is to come inside your room.

Go with light-coloured window draperies such as white, beige, soft grey, cream, and lavender to add a little bit of contrast to your strong walls. You can also opt for blinds that you can roll up fully if you want to let all of the light in.

Do your research first to make sure that you would not be buying the wrong stuff for your bedroom. Consult with a friend, family member, or even a professional before designing your dark room.

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