5 Great Examples of PTA Projects

The parent-teacher association is one of the most influential institutions in high schools. This is where the parents and teachers meet to discuss how to improve the effectiveness of their school in addressing the learning and environmental needs of the students.

For the officers of the PTA who are looking for potential projects for the association, the following can be great examples for you:

1. Build a walkway for students

If the school that the parent-teacher association is serving has a big area, there may be a need for walkways especially when classes are located in different buildings. The walkway should be able to protect those who are walking under it from the worst of the weather.

You can also build walkways from the main building to the school’s driveway. By ordering a walkway canopy for the school, you will be able to make sure that students will be protected from rain and the sun’s heat when transferring buildings.

2. Purchase sports equipment

You have to understand that school is not only a place for your children and teenagers to learn about academics. Sports also form a major aspect of the education of a person as it gives them an outlet for their talents and skills.

This will only be possible if the school has the right tools and equipment that the students can use. This can include baseball bats, sports balls, protective gear, and gym equipment.

3. Raise funds for the science laboratory

Most schools and school districts tend to defund science laboratories in favor of sports and other recreational programs. However, if the school wants to produce future scientists of the country, students should be able to practice their passion in science and technology.

The parent-teacher association can hold fundraising events to purchase the lab equipment that people will use. This can go a long way in empowering teens and children who want to be scientists so they can improve their current skills.

4. Sponsor the use of digital tools

Teacher helping student

You have to understand that technology has changed education and learning so much in the past few years. Schools should be able to at least try to catch up with these changes so that the students will not be left behind by those with more advanced training.

The parent-teacher association can actually help a lot by looking for funds and support for a lot of digital tools that improve productivity and efficiency. Even just a few thousand dollars a year can be sufficient support.

5. Design a garden

Schools can be a source of stress, which can have a negative impact on the mental health of the students and teachers. There should be a space in the school where the students will be able to just relax and appreciate their surroundings.

One form this can take is a garden, due to the gorgeous view of the flowers and plants that surround you when you are in there. A garden does not require too much money so the PTA can certainly sponsor this.

The parent-teacher association can make a valuable change in schools. Through these great projects, the children and teenagers will be able to learn better.

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