How Much Should You Spend in Utah for Professional Drain Cleaning?

Professional drain cleaning in Park City, Utah, will probably cost around $213, which is the average price for this year. Homeowners could spend as low as $85 for unblocking a clogged drain, or even up to $525 depending on certain factors.

Most drainage problems only require a plunger, and this means saving money from hiring a plumber. However, severe problems would require an expert’s help especially if the drain is connected to the main sewer line.

Another reason involves the amount of labor necessary to fix a major problem, hence sparing you from the unpleasant task and devoting your time to other matters.

Different Jobs and Rates

Each type of problem will require a different rate. A clogged kitchen sink or bathroom tub may cost $109 for a plumber to fix, while they may also charge the same rate for clogged toilets. On the other hand, unclogging the main sewer line may cost up to $800.

While homeowners may attempt to fix simple drain problems in the bathroom or kitchen, recurring problems could be a sign of something worse, particularly for main sewer lines. Only a professional would be able to determine the root cause.

Other Price Factors

Woman getting money from her walletThe time and day that you hire a plumber will affect your total spending on drain cleaning. If you hire in the middle of the night, it may cost more compared to the day. Likewise, plumbers may charge a higher rate during the winter when it’s more difficult to determine the actual cause of a problem.

Avoid pouring strong chemicals into pipes or sinks to fix the problem. It may clear the blockage, but it could also damage your plumbing and may cause leaky pipes. In case the plumber discovers corrosion in pipes, it would be more expensive since you would have to replace those and install new ones.

Preventive Maintenance

A mixture of a half-cup baking soda and half-cup vinegar is always a good solution for keeping your drains smoothly running and clean. You should do this at least twice every year to eliminate odors and debris.

If you have a garbage disposal, drop a few ice cubes while it’s running to sharpen the blades. Other inexpensive ways include a pot of boiling water. Pour half of it and then wait for at least five minutes before emptying the remainder.

Do this at least once a week to dissolve grease and scum especially in kitchen sinks. These tips may not entirely prevent a blocked drain from happening, but it reduces the potential amount of work by a plumber should you need to hire one in the future.

You could avoid the need to hire a plumber for professional drain cleaning in Utah if you promptly address problems as soon as they take place. When the need arises, however, you should request for at least three quotes from different contractors to come up with a good comparison of prices. It’s also better to hire a licensed and insured professional.

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