What to Look For in a Builder

If you are building a property, your success relies on the builder you will hire. Some couples experience some problems because they come across contractors who are not reliable.

But before you get scared from building your dream home and settle into a rented apartment or trailer, know that you can find good, reliable builders out there. They will tell you upfront their opinions on your project—which type of wood is best suited for outdoors, or if stairs with steel stringers are better with your design element. These are the honest guys.

So, what should you look for in a building contractor? Read on to find out.


You’re not just looking for help; you’re looking for a partner who will turn your dream into reality. You need a builder whose heart is not just in the profits, but whose measure of success is the satisfaction of their client.


For minor repairs, you can go to online directories. If you’re building a house, then you must do a lot of homework. You need to find a reputable contractor—their work and satisfied clients are their best business cards.

Properly Licensed

Their contracting company is a business; therefore, it should have the correct state licenses (updated and complete), as well as liability insurance coverage. If the contractor cannot present these, it’s a red flag. There’s something they’re not telling you.


A legitimate builder will be able to present at least three verifiable references. If your friend or family member recommends one, that’s great because you can check for yourself the quality of their work. If not, ask if you could speak with their former client to see if they were satisfied. You’ll also learn If the contractor is reliable, as well as other pertinent information.


When you’re sick in a particular part of your body, you don’t just go to a doctor. You go see a specialist. In the same manner, builders have specific expertise, or if they’ve been in the business long enough, they would have mastered several skills. This is important because of the design of your house. Your project is not the time for trial and error. It would be you who will pay for their failure with your time and money.


Builder measuring

An old company says reliability and expertise are on their side. With experience come lessons, the benefits of which you will be reaping. Tried and tested methods, best practices—these are the words you would want and need to hear from your builder.


This is where it gets tricky. Your builder has a business to run. But at the same time, they should assure you that your dream home’s quality will not suffer. They should be able to suggest alternatives to materials and advise you on the necessary changes in your design based on budgetary constraints.

Building your dream house need not be a stressful process. Many building contractors out there can meet all the criteria listed above. Your job is to find them as soon as possible. Let this guide help you.

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