6 Signs You Have a Heart Problem

Heart disease is something you should never ignore. The problem is that it’s rarely noticed until too late. Here are some subtle signs to watch out for when it comes to heart disease.

Vigilance Upon Reaching a Certain Age

The average age for men to have a heart attack in the United States is 65. However, studies show that 4 to 10 percent of heart attacks occur before a person hits the age of 45. This is why it’s essential to become vigilant as soon as you hit the number 45. Look for a practitioner of cardiology or family medicine in Salem if you reach the age of 50 and experience specific symptoms that make you feel uncomfortable.

Unexplained Chest Pain

Chest pain is perhaps the most common indicator of a looming heart problem. Unfortunately, chest pain can be quite generic. People explain it differently. There are those who describe it as a heavy feeling on their chest – as if an elephant was sitting on them. Others say they experience it as a burning or pinching sensation along the chest area. No matter the sensation of the pain, it’s a good idea to take note of it – specifically the situation that occurred before the pain and how long the pain lasted.

A Pain of the Throat or Jaw

Taken by itself, pain along the jaw or throat isn’t indicative of heart health. Combined with chest pain, however – it’s time to pay attention. Specifically, the pain travels from your chest to the jaw area which is indicative of an oncoming attack. Individuals are often advised to call 911 when this situation comes on.

Swelling of the Feet and Ankles

Swelling of the feet and ankles is indicative of many possible health problems – usually none of them good. Note though that the swelling is the kind that leaves an indentation if you press on the swollen area. It could be a heart problem, a kidney problem, liver failure or some other condition. Regardless of the cause, however, you should have it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. This way, you can identify the issue quickly and start medications.

Heart Palpitations

Irregular heartbeat is an indicator of various problems so visiting the doctor may not be necessary. For example, drinking really strong coffee or energy drinks can cause your heart to beat irregularly. If you do experience the palpitations, however, you’d want to take note of how and when it happened. How long did the palpitations last? If it happens often, then make a point of visiting the doctor as soon as possible.

Unexplained Fatigue

woman with a headacheFatigue combined with all the other symptoms cited here necessitates immediate visits to the doctor. If you’re not normally tired or you haven’t done anything during the day warranting fatigue, then it could be a sign of poor heart function.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the signs that a heart problem is looming on the horizon. Note that heart problems build over time, so the sooner you can address the problem, the better are your chances of preventing complete failure.

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