Ways for Taking Care of Your Mattress

The type of mattress affects the quality of your sleep. Also, a mattress that is well taken care of promotes good sleep. For a sound sleep and to prolong your mattress’ life, here are some ways you can take care of your mattress:

Treat spots immediately

Spills and stains are inevitable; yet, you need to treat them as soon as you spot them. It is easier to remove stains when wet rather than letting them dry. It is important to blot the spill or stain first before treating it. For blood and urine, use a damp cloth with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Gently scrub the area to remove the stain. However, hydrogen peroxide may change your mattress’ color so use it sparingly. For dust and dirt, dish soap mixed with water can do the job. Dry your mattress outside or use a fan directly on the spot. Make sure that the bed is completely dry before using it again.

Keep your mattress clean

Sweep off the dust regularly to prevent your mattress from becoming a haven of bugs and mites. If you notice a stinky smell in your mattress, you may sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it set for 20 minutes to absorb the odor. Then use a vacuum to suck it up. Change the bed cover on a weekly basis. It is always nice to sleep on a clean bed sheet as it induces you to sleep soundly.

Rotate your mattress

Your body weight puts pressure on your mattress, thus compressing its surface. To offset the pressure, flip and rotate your mattress. This will help it wear evenly. If you have just bought a brand-new one, rotate your mattress every two weeks for the first four months then every three months thereafter. This will help prevent lumps and bumps. Do the same thing with the box spring every six months.

Never sit on the same spot

Avoid sitting on the same side of the bed when dressing up or tying your shoes. Doing so can ruin your mattress’ framework. Likewise, never jump on the bed because it can wreak havoc on your mattress’ coils and fibers.

Protect your mattress

Use covers and pads to protect your mattress from moist, dust, and dirt. If you sweat in your sleep and have small kids, waterproof bed covers can serve as barriers against sweat and urine. Moreover, they provide extra padding for comfort and protection against allergens and bedbugs.

Handle your mattress with care

man demonstrating quality of mattressDon’t drag the mattress using the straps on the side. Those straps are used mainly for rotating the mattress or moving it to your desired position. If you have to lift the mattress, ask several people to help you carry it.

Check your mattress for signs of wear

Saggy edges and poking coils are indications that you need to give up your mattress. Also, the feeling of discomfort and inconvenience as well as waking up with backache are signs that you need to discard your old mattress and buy a new one. If you’re looking for high-quality mattresses, there are affordable ones in American Fork. You may visit the various shops there to check on their products.

High-quality mattresses make for a good sleep that leads to better physical and mental health. However, your mattress can wear over the years. Therefore, it is really important to take care of it to maximize its functionality and enjoy its great benefits.

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