A Basic Pool Checklist to Keep Your Kids Safe

You will never know when an accident’s about to strike until it is too late. So, it is always best to come prepared, especially when it involves your kids. Childproofing your house is becoming more critical than ever.

There are ways you can childproof your pool at home to ensure your kids’ safety. Before you plan on calling for custom hot tub and pool builders in Utah, here is an excellent household safety checklist for your backyard and pool.

Are there any safe areas around the pool?

Kids are born naturally curious. So, expect that they will try to foil any barriers that you might have set up around the pool. One pro tip is to build numerous backups to ensure that nobody will gain access to your pool without your knowledge. You can consider having a pool cover or even an alarm system for safety measures.

Remember though that even with a cover, you should still fence your pool to remind your kids that it is off limits. Additionally, you should see if there are any pieces of furniture or other similar objects that your children can use to climb the fence.

Is the pool area regularly inspected?

You always need to check the pool deck if it has any damages that need repair. To prevent anyone from slipping, then it is best to coat it with a nonslip surfacing material. You should also move away from the steps to an aboveground pool especially when nobody is using it. Remember not to use glass whenever you are near the poolside to prevent any accidents. Also, keep all toys away from the area.

Additionally, install ground fault circuit interrupters to protect all the electrical outlets and devices near the pool area. You should regularly inspect the electrical equipment to prevent any mishaps.

Is there an adult monitoring the kids?

You should never leave small children alone whenever they are near the pool area. If you need to go somewhere else, make sure to ask someone to watch over your kids first before you leave.

You should also mark the pool’s deep end so that they will know if they are about to go beyond the depth that they can each. You can use floats and a long rope to mark it. It is best not to allow both non-swimmers and beginner swimmers to go beyond the rope.

Do you have any pool rules posted?

kid swimming in the pool

You cannot always remind everyone of the dos and don’ts when using the pool. So, it is best to post the basic pool rules near the area where they can easily read them. You should also keep a first-aid kit within your reach in case of any accidents.

Ensuring your kids’ safety is the most crucial factor that you need to consider when planning to have a pool in your house. If you are going to do a party at your home, then let everyone know about the dos and don’ts. You should also remind guardians to watch over their kids as often as they can.

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