What Are the Risks of DIY Refinishing for Hardwood Flooring?

There’s not much of a price difference when you plan to refinish a hardwood floor by yourself instead of hiring a contractor. DIY refinishing costs at least $640, and retaining a contractor costs at least $970.

The place where you live will determine the actual cost. If you live in Utah, the cost of hardwood floor refinishing in Salt Lake City might be different from that in Provo and Orem. Homeowners in urban areas will likely spend more than those who live in a rural place, primarily because of the difference in cost of living and the price of materials.

DIY Pitfalls

Some of the risks of a DIY refinishing include significant scratches from improper use of a sander, which means that you would spend more money on repairs that shouldn’t exist in the first place. If you haven’t refinished your flooring in the past, it’s better to call a professional for the job. Another reason to do so involves the amount of time that it takes to complete the job.

Refinished floors in a room would not be accessible for up to a week, but a flooring specialist should be able to shorten the disruption. Hence, going back to your routine will be much easier. When choosing among different flooring contractors, you should narrow your selection by asking for quotes from three contractors. Don’t hire a professional based on their cheap rate alone. It can be difficult and expensive to repair hardwood flooring when problems arise after a refinishing and recoating work.

The Cost of Professional Service

Some professionals charge between $970 and $1,250 to refinish a 300-square-foot surface area, including the cost of labor and materials. A larger space will cost more for refinishing, while the type of products and unique services will contribute to the overall price. If you have hardwood stairs, you should prepare to spend an extra $25 to $45 for refinishing each step.

The quality of the previous finish serves as another factor for a cheaper or higher cost. Floors with a poor quality of existing finish will be more expensive, so consider spending extra on a better product. Choose a water-based polyurethane finish to retain the same color, as opposed to an oil-based product that gives an amber color to the wood.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning Floor With Mop

Hardwood flooring lasts for up to 50 years, but only if you know how to take good care of it. Even when you plan to spend on professional refinishing, it’s essential to know the basics of maintaining hardwood surfaces.

Avoid using water to clean the floor. Instead, use a broom with soft bristles to sweep dust and debris. Don’t use a vacuum if it’s not suitable for hardwood flooring, and be sure to clean spilled liquids right away.

Homeowners who need to refinish hardwood floors for the first time should always hire a contractor. It’s a worthwhile expense not only for your budget but also for your time. Choose a professional who has extensive familiarity with different kinds of hardwood flooring.

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