Capsule Wardrobe: Why Successful People are Turning to the Uniform Look

The world we live in today values appearances. People put greater value on things that are beautiful and attractive thinking that it reflects their success or gets them ahead of everyone else.

Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather put up appearances instead of being real. This behavior is pretty evident in social media today, especially on Instagram. We’re all quite aware of how not everything nice and beautiful and ideal that’s posted on IG is real and true. Many people were busted for posting and captioning photos that were far from the truth.

The truth is, successful people don’t need to pretend and put up a front. They are quite secure with who they are and what they’ve accomplished. Even to the point that a lot of them don’t mind having a very limited wardrobe. In fact, they even welcome the simplicity.

Why is there an increasing number of successful people opting to limit their clothing and don’t mind wearing the same things over and over again?

7 Reasons Successful People Prefer a Simple and Limited Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are getting to be a thing among notable successful personalities. It is a simplistic and minimalist approach to their clothing choices.

People have different reasons for wanting to downsize and streamline their wardrobe. For those living in boarding schools, for example, it might be due to the lack of closet space in the school’s accommodation properties for students. For parents, it might have to do with certain budgeting concerns.

Whatever the case may be, we all have reasons for doing things. It’s no different from very successful people and high-profile personalities. Here are the most common reasons why they prefer having a simple and limited clothing selection:

Reason #1: They have fewer decisions to make

One of the things that successful people typically encounter is decision fatigue, especially if they’re mostly involved in major decision-making at work. For those who make important decisions daily, ticking off even just something as trivial as what clothes they need to wear is already a big relief for them.

Reason #2: It decreases the time they waste on thinking about what to wear

Since they no longer need to worry about their outfit for the day, it saves them precious time in the morning as they prepare for work. Limiting their clothing choices makes their morning preps faster, easier, and a lot more efficient.

Reason #3: It minimizes their stress

One of the things that some high-profile stress over but don’t openly admit is worrying if they wore the right clothes for their day. Capsule wardrobe frees them from worrying about whether they’re wearing the appropriate clothing or not. Often, the selection that’s left is just the right balance between formal and casual.

Reason #4: It lessens wasted energy

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The less time they waste worrying about their clothes, the less energy they waste. Larger wardrobes require more decision-making and take up more time for maintenance and organization. While a capsule wardrobe doesn’t automatically mean less laundry (you still need to change clothes daily!), it does make laundry and storage easier.

Reason #5: Makes mixing and matching a lot easier

With fewer choices left, mixing and matching clothes is a lot easier to do. When one decides to downsize their wardrobe, it often involves a lot of sorting and filtering down to pieces that go well together most of the time. This makes the wardrobe a lot more versatile and easier to accessorize and put together.

Reason #6: Gives them a classic and iconic look

The uniform look that a capsule wardrobe provides gives one a very distinct style that can be easily associated with him or her. It’s easier to create a personalized and more iconic look since. Take, for instance, Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan and his uniform blue dress shirt topped with a dark narrow-lapeled jacket over black trousers.

Reason #7: Cheaper to maintain

The average American household spends about $1,700 annually on clothes. Now that figure might not seem much until you figure out that most of these purchases were completely unnecessary. In the 1930s, the average woman only owned about 8 or 9 full outfits. Today, that number has ballooned to 30, roughly one for each day of the month. A capsule wardrobe takes away any unnecessary purchases and trips to the store which easily converts to additional savings.

Making the jump to a capsule wardrobe will require some serious thought but if you really want to make significant changes to your lifestyle and adopt a minimalist and simplistic approach, it is a step in the right direction.

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