Do-It-Yourself Upgrades for Your Pool

If you have a sizeable backyard, pools are a great way of having some leisure time with your family and friends during the weekend. Whether it’s having some barbeque with your friends, cracking a cold one with the boys, or playing with your kids during a sunny summer afternoon, you can’t dent that having a pool will make all these activities even better.

While it seems like a pool will need professionals working on it, you can also do your DIY projects on it without making too many drastic changes.

Why Should I Upgrade My Pool?

There are different reasons why you should upgrade your pool. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Safety – Setting up walkways, pavers, and stone decks can help mitigate tripping and accidents. Likewise, placing fixed lights in your garden can bring your landscape to life in the evening while highlighting the right walkways.
  • Maintenance – In terms of support, features like a chlorinator can help save up on cleaning products such as chlorine through a simple chemical process. Auto fills are also a proper way of cutting downtime that’s needed to fill your pool. This automated equipment can help save time and energy that would otherwise be used to maintain your pool.
  • Overall Appeal – If you’re selling your home, you’ll need to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape and condition. Optimizing the aesthetics of your home will help attract potential buyers and increase the value of your property.

Since we’re in the middle of a health crisis right now with not much to do, doing some DIY projects and renovations such as upgrading your pool can yield excellent results, not just for your family, but will also keep you busy.

Upgrading Your Pool

There are several ways of upgrading your pool to make it stand out. Most of the time, these upgrades don’t necessarily have to be about the pool itself, with most being upgrades to the surrounding area to bring attention to the pool.

Naturally Crushed Rocks and Pavement Tiles

If you’re looking for a more natural, riverbed-y look to your walkways, you might want to use uniformly-cut pavement tiles. These walkways are quite durable and can easily last around a few years before cracking because of impacts or high temperatures. The downside to using these types of tiles is that a crack can be easily distinguishable, especially they are uniformly set.

On the other hand, Naturally cut and crushed rocks are also excellent ways of seamlessly blending your walkway with your pool. Since these rocks are already crushed, it’s going to be harder for most guests to see damages on these types of walkways. Since most of these are river rocks, they are known for being resistant to weather conditions. No worries, these are explicitly made for landscaping.

Auto Filling System

A swimming pool’s pool pump and filters won’t’ be able to function if water becomes to shallow. An electronic auto-filling system can help monitor the level of water in your swimming pool and fill it towards an appropriate level. You might have to renovate a good part of your garden to accommodate an auto-filling system. Most of the time, these types of systems are placed underground or beside the pool area.

LED Lights and Fiber Optics

Are you planning on swimming in your pool at night? Have a big pool party coming up? You can’t go wrong with LED lights on your pool to spice up the overall display. If you’re fancy, you can also use fiber optic lighting. Lighting can bring both your pool and your garden to life during nighttime.

Not only will this increase the overall value of your home, but the also enhances the general aesthetic of your pool which can lure in buyer, if you’re planning on selling your property.

There are different lighting variations that you can choose from, with some fiber optic lights that will make it seem like there are stars at the bottom of the pool, and some will give a flowing-water effect on miniature waterfalls.

Of course, you might have to buy LED lights that are specially made for your pool. Installing lights that are not meant for your pool can become electric hazards, so it’s best to be careful and aware of what you are installing.

This type of lighting is also a great way of lighting up different parts of your garden. Walkways and paths can be highlighted with LED lights so that people won’t trip over.

You don’t necessarily have to upgrade each aspect of your pool or even the pool itself, but you’ll notice some difference once you start installing at least one upgrade to your pool. If you’re in doubt about installing these upgrades, there’s no hurt in asking a professional to help you out. Ultimately, upgrading your pool should be about giving you the convenience that you need. With these simple and easy DIY ideas, you’ll have a pool that will have jaws dropped in no time!

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