Essential Indicators Your House May Be Having Electrical Problems

It is estimated that electrical malfunctions result in at least 50,000 fires annually. The extent of the fires ranges in magnitude, depending on the withstanding conditions. A significant portion of homes experiences one or more electrical faults. However, a majority of them go unattended as many homeowners tend to ignore even obvious signs.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

Circuit breakers are designed to trip whenever the current drawn exceeds the circuit breaker’s capacity. Frequent trips are often an indicator of an overloaded or a short circuit. At that point, consider hiring one of the licensed electricians in Salt Lake City to determine the root cause of the problem and as such suggest a permanent solution. The utilization of many high-ampere home appliances from a single socket is a common cause of frequent circuit breaker trips. Consider unplugging some of the appliances from the affected outlets and distribute them around the house. If the appliances have to be located within a certain section in the house, the hired electrician may consider increasing the circuit breaker’s capacity or even introducing a new outlet. The latter provides a better solution in the long run.

Signs of charred or discolored switches and sockets

man fixing socketCharred switches and sockets are an indicator of wiring problems within the components. They may result from a short circuit or an overload. They indicate that your home’s electrical wiring is generating heat energy within its lines. Charred outlets and switches are often accompanied by frayed wires. At that point, you may be accurate to consider your safety and that of your house to be at risk. Frayed electrical wires may easily cause a fire in your home. To be safe, contact your electrician as soon as possible.

Look out for sparking and unusual odors

You may notice some sparking whenever you switch on the lights or power an appliance. That is an indicator of an existing fault within your home’s wiring. A majority of people tend to ignore the frequent sparks since they occur inside the outlets and switches, and they do not seem to pose a direct threat. You may be sitting on a time bomb. Frequent sparking ought to be a reason enough to contact your electrician at any time of the day. The case may even be more urgent if the sparking is occurring at the main switch. At that point, consider switching off the entire power supply to your home until the issue is rectified. In the event that the sparking or unusual odor may be arising from an appliance, it may be unnecessary to power off the whole house. Instead, just unplug the appliance from the socket.

Overloaded sockets and outlets are a major cause of short circuits around your home. In fact, they are a major cause of frequent circuit breaker trips. Strive to distribute your home appliances around the outlets in a room. If a room has only one outlet, consider hiring an electrician to introduce additional outlet points, depending on the appliances’ ampere requirements.

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