Keep Your Property’s Concrete Surfaces in Top Shape

Your residential or commercial property might be the biggest investment you have ever made, so it is crucial to protect such investment. Structural elements of a building, such as concrete slabs and pavers, deteriorate over time due to traffic and changing weather conditions. These need to be checked regularly. You can avoid huge costly repairs when you use concrete patch repair products.

Imagine how dangerous it would be if you had to drive down a poorly maintained and bumpy road. Whether it is for a residential driveway or a commercial road, concrete patches work wonders. Pitted, worn out, scaled, or spalled surfaces can be repaired with concrete patches to make these surfaces smooth once again. Level ground is essential to move people and goods efficiently. Hence, concrete repair products are needed to keep concrete surfaces in great condition. Learn more about the different ways you can keep the structural integrity of concrete slabs and pavers.

Crack Filling

For maximum traffic efficiency and curb appeal, a crack filling is done. Cracks in concrete surfaces occur due to stress buildup, and these cracks let the water or moisture seep through the pavement, causing the base materials to wear away. If left untreated, cracks turn into potholes and structural failure. To maintain the structural integrity of your driveway or parking lot, filling cracks is a must. Rather than repairing the entire driveway or parking space, a crack filling is more economical.

Asphalt Sealing

Similar to crack filling, the purpose of asphalt sealing is to prevent water and debris intrusion. These sealants offer protection from elements such as UV light and oil. Hot rubberized sealants are applied to concrete surfaces for greater longevity, and the slip-resistant black finishing adds aesthetic appeal to a parking lot or driveway. Hence, having a well-maintained seal coating can save you money on unnecessary concrete rehabilitation.

workers applying asphalt

Asphalt Patching

Repairing potholes on concrete surfaces gives an instant aesthetic appeal while preventing further damage to the foundation. Make sure that potholes are properly filled and will stand the test of time by turning to professional concrete builders. For a cost-effective solution for potholes on your driveway or parking lot, try asphalt patching.

Snow Cleanup and Reapplication of Sealcoat

Having your concrete driveway cleaned and sealed all year round, especially during winter season, is important to keep its structural integrity. Harsh, cold weather has long-term effects on concrete surfaces and the damage range from scrapes to stripped-off sealing. A reapplication of seal coat is done once the snow melts to preserve the appearance of concrete surfaces on your driveways.

No matter how well-designed or constructed a concrete pavement is, it would still require repair and maintenance. Techniques such as crack filling, asphalt sealing, asphalt patching, and reapplication of seal coat are just some ways of protecting the structural integrity of concrete surfaces. A routine check-up and maintenance service is typically scheduled every 1-2 years to extend the life of driveways and parking lots. To get the job done right, only trust the experts when it comes to concrete products and repair services.

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