Five Property Improvements You Can Complete Quickly

Despite what many expected, the home improvement segment of the construction industry had a 58 percent yearly increase in terms of project leads from professional contractors back in June 2020. This is in stark contrast to the staggering number of businesses that had to declare bankruptcy as a result of financial constraints directly linked to the effects of the pandemic.

This can be attributed to the homeowners’ increased demand for a decent working space at home as remote work became the rule and not the exception as the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closing down of businesses. Other property owners, meanwhile, were doing renovation and remodeling projects due to boredom and other reasons, such as having a new space to spend time.

Whatever your reason may be for it, consider the following property improvements that you can complete within a short time frame:

Install a DIY fire pit

Having lots of available time to spend outdoors should be enough motivation to do some quick improvements to it. If you love hanging out with family and friends out in your yard, you should have a fire feature to keep your stays comfortable during chilly days and nights. One excellent project that you can do is to install a low-cost fire pit using just a few bricks and gravel. You’ll also need a shovel, mattock, and shovel to dig a small hole in the ground.

Remodel/renovate your attic or basement

This one can be quick and easy or long and meticulous, depending on what goals you have in mind. For this, you might need to look for a reliable general contractor company to turn your vision into a reality. Among the possible conversions that you should consider are a man cave, entertainment room, game room, additional bedroom or guest room, mini library, and home office. It doesn’t have to be grand and lavish; as long as it serves the purpose well, then it’s a good enough project to take.

Install a mini fountain or koi pond

There are ready-made fountain kits that you can simply buy off the shelf but you can opt for a custom-built one. A small koi pond is another great property improvement, although it could cost you more and take longer to finish than a mini fountain. Once finished, you’ll have a nice outdoor feature that will make every visit to your yard relaxing and therapeutic.

Build a pocket garden

outdoor balcony

During the height of the current pandemic, the home gardening industry saw a rapid rise due to homeowners suddenly finding themselves with plenty of time in their hands. If you want a property add-on that you can set up in two to three days, then a pocket garden is an excellent candidate. This should be an easy affair since there is no shortage of gardening supplies from local stores. Turn it into a family DIY project to save money and have bonding moments with your loved ones.

Install a DIY solar power kit or change all your bulbs to LEDs

If you’re not currently using LED bulbs in your home, now is the perfect time to make the shift. LEDs last longer, consume lesser power, are several times brighter, and more eco-friendly than traditional bulbs in the market. While they may cost more initially, the benefits you can enjoy are easily worth the investment.Meanwhile, renewable energy such as solar power is fast becoming the trend these days and you should make the jump into this awesome bandwagon if you have extra money. There are commercially available DIY solar power kits that you can buy and install within a day or two. This will give you a reliable source of power during the times when there is a power outage, plus you get to save money on monthly power bills.

With these quick and easy improvements, you’ll enjoy your spare time and greatly boost your property’s beauty and functionality.

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