Best spots to add fairy lights in your home

Add a magical charm to your home, apartment, or condo by strategically placing luminous string lights known as ‘fairy lights’ all around. These decorative accents look fantastic indoors and out, and though they’re mostly associated with the holidays—you can use them as decoration all year round. Fairy lights create an ambiance that’s warm, cozy, and romantic, making any space timelessly elegant.

You can decorate with fairy lights in several ways, and below are the spots to add these lights to your home.


A great way to make your home stand out amongst your neighbors’ houses is by adding fairy lights outdoors. Whether it’s your massive oak tree in your backyard or your garden or tool shed, fairy lights can make your home shine and stand out.

Additionally, if you have plants outside, decorating them with fairy lights can make your outdoors more ‘homey’ and elegant. You can also do the same for your indoor plants. Just make sure the lights don’t touch the leaves.


An unusual but fantastic place to wrap fairy light around is your stairs. These decorative accent pieces can add a touch of elegance to your staircases, illuminating them in dim lights, making them shine more and stand out more, adding a classy feel to your whole space. You can twist the lights around and place them to the sides of the stairs or below each step.


There’s nothing better than having a perfectly lit bookshelf or hanging shelves. Adding fairy lights to these spots add more ‘shine’ to your collectibles or displays, making them pop out more and look more appealing in dim lights—providing a cozier ambiance throughout your space.

On the Walls

wall gallery with fairy lights

If you have several framed pictures or artwork at home and want to emphasize it more, you can hang several parallel rows of fairy lights behind them to make them ‘shine’ more—literally. Make sure to leave enough space between the rows for these displays. You can also hang long strands of fairy lights horizontally and display photos using mini clothespins.

Across the Ceilings

If you’re looking to spruce up your hallways in your home, drape a canopy of fairy lights across your home’s ceilings. It can provide an ambiance similar to what you’d feel sitting outside under the night sky. Having sparkling fairy lights throughout your ceilings can add a magical feel to your evenings.

Around the Bedpost and Frames

Whether it’s the master bedroom’s king-sized bed or your children’s bunk beds, wrapping fairy lights around the bedpost and frames can do wonders for any bedroom. It can lend a helping hand to your late-night reading sessions and add more grace to your morning. Having fairy lights wrapped around the bed’s headboard is functional and can light the room with an inviting glow, making it cozier.

Fairy lights are the perfect accent you can add to any space, big or small. These fabulous lights can make a home, apartment, or dorm room glow and enchanting—even after the holidays are over, keeping a festive mood around your space and adding a magical touch to it.

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