Guy Guide: Here’s How You Can Nail Spring with Your Style

With the snow starting to melt and the winds are starting to get lighter, you will surely know that spring is just around the corner. The leaves will sprout one by one, and the flowers will be in full bloom again. Other than having your traditional spring-cleaning and shrugging off the remnants of winter, you will want to create a good impression by showing yourself with a new look. This season provides you with a chance to up your style game. Some guys actually have some trouble with it, but that should not be the case.

Your spring style game should be easily described in two words: light and fresh. You may not have an idea right now, but once you check your wardrobe, your creativity may run. The combinations are endless, and you can always find ways to be creative. Here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind if you want to nail your spring style game:

Spring Style Tip #1: Go for lighter wardrobe choices

Spring will allow you to go for lighter pieces. This means that you can already forego your wool sweater and wear a cotton sweater instead to combat the remaining cold of the winter. Instead of your flannel shirts, you should start wearing cotton button-downs. But nothing stops you from wearing thinner fabrics, such as linen, especially if it gets hot in your place too soon. Instead of thick bomber jackets or anorak, you can start wearing denim jackets or thinner worker jackets.

Spring Style Tip #2: Favor funky colors

Spring is freedom from the drabness of winter, so you may want to celebrate it with vibrant colors. For one, you can go for bright green, peach, and even yellow. These are usually the colors of spring. But nothing stops you from experimenting with pastel shades. If color blocks are not your thing, you can always go for prints and patterns. Among the best patterns that you can use are florals, as they never go out of style.

Spring Style Tip #3: Still go for layering

man wearing fashionable clothes sitting near the wallWhile the temperature might have gone higher, nothing permanently stops you from layering your clothes. This is a practical choice, especially if the temperature has some traces of icy draught in it. This time, go for breathable choices. For one, you can wear blazers that are made of cotton or linen.  You can just have two pieces at a time: a blazer and a shirt or a shirt and a cotton sweater. Just keep comfort in mind.

Spring Style Tip #4: Do not forget your shoe game

Seal your style deal by wearing the right kind of shoes. Your safest choice will always be white leather sneakers, but you can always wear a canvas. White is safe, as it easily matches different attires. However, if you want to inject some rough appeal, you can always shop for men’s cowboy boots.

Nailing your spring style game should not be difficult. It should be fun. You have a lot of room to experiment or mix and match.

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