How Much Should You Pay for a Professional Fence Installation at Home?

Americans who plan to build fences for their homes this year should expect to spend around $2,742, which is the average cost in the country. Most people usually spend between $1,645 and $3,948 for this project, but there are several factors that affect the overall cost.

For instance, the location serves as one factor to determine the actual price. If you live in Florida, a fence company in Tampa may charge a lower rate for professional installation than a similar company in Miami. Rates in large or well-known cities could be higher, which is likely due to the more expensive cost of living in these areas.

Estimating Your Expenses

The five most common things to consider for estimating your expenses comprise fencing parts or materials, permits, cost of labor, grading, and utility expenses. If you wish to save time and effort in choosing the right materials, then leaving it to a contractor seems to be a better option. Companies usually receive discounted prices for parts and materials after all.

Even if this incurs additional costs, you no longer have to think about the suitable materials for your home’s design or layout. When inquiring about the cost of labor, you should expect to pay per linear foot for materials aside from the usual hourly rate for installation work.

You should also consider the topography of the surrounding land in your house. Higher slopes make it more difficult to install a fence, hence the higher price. In some cases, a permit will be necessary before you could build a fence. This costs around $800 on average, but ask your local municipality for the current rate.

Choosing the Right Materials


Metal-chain and wood are among the most common choices of materials for fences. Metallic ones are the most affordable, so they are the most popular choice among homeowners. It costs $7 per linear foot, while professional installation costs $10 per hour. On average, you would spend at least $1,100 overall for this fence.

Tiber fences is another common choice, which is an obvious option for wooden homes. The material and cost of labor each cost $12 per linear foot, while the total cost could be worth $1,500. Wooden fences offer more privacy than a metal fence or chain fences, but the price is definitely a deal-breaker for some homeowners.

Other Things to Expect

Delayed projects may fall under the responsibility of either the homeowner or the contractor. It usually takes at least four weeks for builders to arrive at your place after an estimator’s visit. There are factors that may shorten or prolong your waiting time, such as bad weather or any problems that you may encounter when securing a permit. Demand is also another factor, so ask if the contractor is not overbooked.

Careful planning will be important to save on costs and not overspend on a fence installation project. When choosing among different service providers, you should ask for at least three price quotes from different companies. This lets you compare prices and pick the most competitive one.

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