How Much Should You Spend on Window Replacements?

If you need to buy new windows in Salt Lake City as replacements, the standard price for one window can cost around $300 inclusive of the materials and supplies.

Professional installation will increase the actual price. A typical replacement can require almost three hours of work, which can cost an extra $120 for labor fees. Based on the average rates, homeowners should expect to spend a higher amount when they need to replace more windows, especially on more elevated parts of the house. The overall cost also depends on the size and type of window material such as aluminum or vinyl.

DIY Installation

You can replace a single broken window, but doing so requires skilled measurements and familiarity with tools. Remember to take off window accents like drapes or curtains before taking out the old window. If you have a home security system, you might need to deactivate it or alert the security company before installing new windows.

Consider hiring a contractor when the damage isn’t as simple such as broken panes or frames. You should contact a professional if you see mold, rotten wood, and structural problems with the existing windows. A properly installed window can lower your air-conditioning expenses by up to 40%.

Vinyl Window Pros and Cons

Homeowners who want to use a different material can install a vinyl window. You can expect its lifespan to last for at least 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Vinyl windows are 30% cheaper than aluminum. A standard material made of PVC can cost $450. PVC windows stabilize indoor temperature and reduce your electric bill by providing higher indoor insulation.

However, energy efficiency dramatically depends on the brand and quality of vinyl. Look for ones with Energy Star ratings for guaranteed performance. Take care not to expose vinyl windows to extreme heat, which can cause a warped or twisted appearance. Vinyl isn’t as durable as aluminum so consider aluminum or a different material when you need a storm-proof window.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Aluminum

installing aluminum window

Aluminum windows are more durable and impact-resistant but cost more than the usual retail price. A standard one can be worth $650. You can also paint the material to match the design of your front yard, but the color can fade when it’s continuously exposed to sunlight. A well-maintained aluminum window can last for up to 30 years.

While reinforced aluminum is perfect for storm windows, you might need to choose thermal add-ons for energy efficiency. Avoid putting aluminum windows in bedrooms because it conducts cold and heat. In other words, your room can become hotter during the summer and colder during the winter. Homeowners in humid or salty climates should take extra care with aluminum frames, as the weather can destroy the material and reduce its lifespan.

Overall, window replacements rank among the top five best projects for improving your home’s energy efficiency. You should pick a retailer in Salt Lake City that offers different options and styles, preferably ones with a warranty on artistry.

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