Cool Down the House Faster: Should You Set Your Temperature Too Low?

When the temperature starts to rise, it is only normal for most of us to set the AC temperature a bit low. While there is nothing wrong with this, some of us also fall into the habit of cranking up the AC or setting the thermostat too low to achieve indoor comfort. Those who are guilty of doing this also want to cool their house faster, especially if they have been exposed to humid weather.

If you too have the habit of setting your AC to the lowest temperature, do take note that this cannot the cool the space quicker. What it can do is cause the cooling system to run longer, which can quickly wear out the unit and compromise the efficiency of your AC.  AC service companies in Draper note this also means that you’ll have a chilly home and higher energy bills.

The ideal summer temperature

According to the US Department of Energy, the ideal AC temperature for the summer is 78°F (26°C) when you’re indoors.  Setting your AC at this level can help you stay comfortable, while also saving money on electricity bill during hot summer months.

When no one is at home, you can just set the temperature a bit warmer than the usual and then just lower it to 78°F when you arrive home. Installing or using a programmable thermostat or Wi-Fi enabled device can help you start cooling down the house a few hours before you get home.

Improving cooling efficiency

Instead of setting the temperature too low, it is best to find other ways of improving the cooling efficiency of the system. A few things that can help include:

  • Have your AC professionally checked. You may be able to perform a few basic maintenance tasks such as replacing the filters and cleaning the coils, but it is still important to hire a professional to have your unit checked and serviced. You can do this in the spring to make sure the AC will run properly, particularly during hot summer months.
  • Move heat-generating appliances away from the thermostat. These also include lamps and areas in the home that are exposed to sunlight. Installing the thermostat at these places can fool the system into thinking that the temperature in your home is warmer than it actually is. It can also cause the AC to keep running even the home is sufficiently cool.
  • Install window treatments. Shades, blinds, and curtains can prevent the sun rays from heating your rooms and forcing the system to work harder than the usual. These can also offer additional protection for your floors and furniture against sun damage. You can keep these window treatments open on cloudy days and close when the sun is out.

What about a new AC?

fixing AC

If you’re old AC is not functioning the way it used to, don’t just assume that you need a new unit. To determine if you really to replace what you are using, have an AC technician check your system. If repairs will not fix the problem, then you’ll need to buy a new one. Just be sure to buy a unit that is properly sized for your home or the space that it needs to cool.

If you want to avoid excessive cooling and unnecessary expenses, stop setting the thermostat too low just to cool your house faster. It is best to contact a technician if your AC is not cooling your home as it should.

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